Sony offers Notch free games, turns them down to buy individually

Markus ‘Notch’ Persson, creator of the hugely popular Minecraft, has been tweeting about the next-gen consoles on Twitter. After expressing his interesting in the PS4 on his account, none other than Sony’s Adam Boyes got in contact with him to offer him free games. Notch’s response? No thanks.

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GreenRanger1363d ago

He wanted to make another notch in his wallet.

Kingthrash3601363d ago

^^lol well played kimosabi.

this is a gangsta move he pulled. me myself would have had no hesitation on making my list would have 1 word.
"ALL" lol

cleft51363d ago

Notch is a popular indie developer with a highly successful, revolutionary game. Despite that he carries himself with a great deal of class and is incredibly humble. People like Johnathan Blow, David Cage, etc could learn a heck of a lot from this guy. Basically he is on top of the world and rather than behave like a self absorbed jerk he behaves with pure class. Really hope this guy continues to do well.

come_bom1363d ago

Shame on you Sony! This guy is rich, so let him pay for his games. Offer the free games to me...

SlapHappyJesus1363d ago

Pretty sure he made the money he paid on those games in the time it took him to confirm the order of them.

KiLLeRCLaM1363d ago

The rich just keep getting richer

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

I remember in 2006 paris hilton got a free ps3..

"LOS ANGELES - OCTOBER 08: Paris Hilton at the Playstation 3 launch party"

Can't find the article on it but I remember i was like wtf back then lol


shut it.. I am glad he turned it down to support game devs..

Also if this was MS would have been a sh!t storm lol..

Abdou0231362d ago

Am not sure how is that a cool move or respect or all that, from all i know if someone offers you a gift you be polite and take the gift, nomatter how rich or important you are.
No respect from me here.

MazzingerZ1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

He actually answered like a real gamer:
"I want to buy it myself legitimately! Games is too personal for me, I want to feel like “it’s mine”. :D But omg <3"

and anyway showed he appreciated the gesture, the article tries to make it sound different, negative... so people can read it like if he said something like: "No thanks, not interested, I'm an X1 fan" LOL

He didn't import an X1...he seems ok waiting until 2014 when it comes to Sweden:
"I'd totally get an Xbone too, but they don't release until "early 2014" in Sweden"

I think he is far from console wars, he just want to drink his glögg haha

xavierbigdaddy19721362d ago

I agree. That was not class. Just shows how some peeps still have no home training

MiloGarret1362d ago

In the more civilized cultures of this world, you are allowed to turn down a gift.

curtis921363d ago

Notch needs to tell Mojang to get on that PS4 version of minecraft and stop diddledaddling around with the current gen versions.

SonicRush151363d ago

I thought it was coming out for PS4?

admiralvic1363d ago

I think they're saying that the current generation versions should be delayed so the PS4 version can release sooner.

KetchupBlood1362d ago

I think there are more people that has a PS3 rather than PS4 right now, so if they are going for money, they would choose PS3 first. Logic.

ColinZeal1362d ago

"I think there are more people that has a PS3 rather than PS4 right now"

You THINK? You actually had to THINK about that?

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curtis921362d ago

@KetchupBlood True but also, which install base is most eager to spend money right now? I think that goes to PS4. Lot of dormant PS3s sitting in living rooms of people who bought em on a whim or just use them for bluray.

PS4 gamers' bodies are ready. NOW IS THE TIME.

TomahawkX1363d ago

That Boyes fellow seems to be trying too hard to get devs to like the PS4, its kind of sad actually.

KwietStorm1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

Yea, doing his job is such an embarrassment...

Software_Lover1363d ago

Its not sad. It's just PR tactics. Now if it were Microsoft, people would call it desperation tactics. You can't win them all I guess.

testerg351363d ago

Yup.. When Sony gives PS4s and goody bags to the media its good PR, but when MS does anything like that its a bribe, desperate, and underhanded.

curtis921363d ago

I.. I agree with that. Touche.

Silly gameAr1363d ago

Oh lord stop crying fellas.

DragonKnight1363d ago

Oh look, more crying about MS' deserved PR reputation, more crying about "teh Sony bias," more off topic tears that have nothing to do with the story.

Do you want to know the difference between Sony and MS as it pertains to a situation like this?

One: Notch was tweeting about his interest in the PS4 which is what prompted Adam Boyes, whose job is third party relations, to contact him. It was done totally in public with complete transparency and no exchange of green. If it were Microsoft, it'd be shady backroom deals involving money, timed exclusivity, and PR double talk about how Notch came to the decision because he loves the Xbox ecosystem and blah blah blah.

Two: Adam was doing this knowing full well that it could easily amount to nothing. Giving Notch free games wouldn't have secured a partnership any more than giving him a golden PS1 did. Microsoft on the other hand send out $800 worth of merchandise to journalists to secure positive reviews for their biggest games. They only make moves with developers and journalists that they know will end favourably for them, which is their right as a business of course, but the likelihood of Microsoft just handing free games to ANY developer just because they tweeted interest in the Xbox One is pretty much zero.

You wanna know why people are constantly on Microsoft? Because Microsoft are sleezy, back door dealing, PR talking, money hungry automatons who couldn't show any interest in relating to gamers if one of us were running their PR department.

Sony could be guilty of what you call "PR tactics" but if this is how they go about it, in a completely open and upfront manner, then plenty would take that over Microsoft's shady business style any day.

MaXiM19841362d ago

Why people keep questioning why we don´t like microsoft.

Have they were living under a rock or what????

Negation is the first barrier to happiness XD

SpideySpeakz1362d ago

Give away free game content?..MS would never do such a thing. You're so gullible it's pathetic.

SilentNegotiator1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

"Its not sad. It's just PR tactics. Now if it were Microsoft, people would call it desperation tactics" realize that you're *responding* to a comment that is calling it desperation with Sony doing it, right? So what's with the "if it were MS" BS?

+1 trolling

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fattyuk1363d ago

At least he's talking to Devs and not TV company's and the NFL!!

Studio-YaMi1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

The guy is happy to work on the PS4(he said it himself),he just refused the offer because he said that he want to buy the games legitimately because "games" are too personal for him.

Stop being immature and maybe read the article and not just the title next time.

GraveLord1363d ago

That fact you care so much, kinda sad.

Elit3Nick1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

Can't you say that for all the fanboys on this site?