The Amazon Black Friday 2013 Deals are Live: Full Details


"The Amazon Black Friday 2013 Deals are Reloaded and LIVE!

Featured highlights today include the Amazon Exclusive Holiday Walking Dead Vita Bundle, $29.99 1-Year PlayStation Plus Membership (with $5 Bonus Amazon Instant Video Credit), Turtle Beach Call of Duty: Ghosts Ear Force Phantom Limited Edition Gaming Headset, and NVIDIA SHIELD 16GB!

These deals in addition to hourly lightning deals and dynamic competitive price matching should make for an exciting Black Friday!"

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Snookies121575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

From what I can tell, they're not live... I keep checking them and they haven't updated prices yet... Tomb Raider hasn't changed, Crysis 3 hasn't changed, the PS+ hasn't changed either.

spaceinvader1575d ago

Walking Dead PS Vita Bundle is $174.99

Sev1574d ago

Yeah, man, that's just incredible. Everyone should jump on that.

wastedcells1575d ago

Why is the ps plus price not changing ?

Snookies121575d ago

Yeah, it's really ticking me off... Amazon is dropping the ball hard on this one...

spaceinvader1575d ago

weird they have the message on the ps plus: Important Note: Limit of 2 units per customer for the $29.99 special deal available on Black Friday only.

spaceinvader1574d ago

PSA: PS plus deal is working now...

Snookies121574d ago

Yep, glad they sorted it out at least relatively quickly. Was really scared I'd have to just stay up for hours and hours lol.

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