Australian Retailers Hopping More Sales For PS4 Consoles On This Christmas

Managing director of Sony Computer Entertainment Australia Michael Ephraim said in a statement today that Australian retailers and hopping more sales on PlayStation 4 units and they have already received more number of consoles in the lead up to Christmas.

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WeAreLegion1331d ago

Is that an Australian joke?

Totoro171331d ago

Well they better..."hop" to it.

gigoran1331d ago

As an Australian I find this terribly offensive. If I were to write something offensive about Americans in a story there would be outrage on here, but because it's Australian it's ok?

calis1331d ago

As an Australian I couldn't really give a shit. This isn't at all offensive.

AmkOwns1331d ago

I Got one, American's "Yanking" all the PS4s available