Amazon Unveils Xbox 360 E 250GB Holiday Value Bundle

Two amazing games included for Free: Halo 4 and Tomb Raider

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ftwrthtx1605d ago

Still quite a few games in development for it.

guitarded771605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

@ ftwrthx
Sarcasm indicator not working well right now. Can't tell if serious.

Best Buy has a better deal, with 4 games at the same price. Halo 4, Tomb Raider, Darksiders 2 and Batman Arkham City.

Anyone still waiting to get an XBOX 360 or PS3 has no excuse with these deals.

coolbeans1605d ago

Yeah, but would've been great if it were Halo 4 GOTY.

DK_Kithuni_711605d ago

As a PlayStation guy (fanboy maybe) who absolutely loves his PS3 and is awaiting the PS4 I must admit I bought this bundle. It's the smal new small quiet Xbox 360 E-model. For me the UI is still rubbish and honestly I like the PS3 better but the thing will still play Halo, Gears of War and Forza, which I always wanted to give a go.

I would recommend to anyone to get "the other console" now they are so cheap. I will be replacing my old PS3 fat (60 GB upgraded to 250) with the PS3 super-slim (uses half the power of fat) one of these days. The PS3 has some really good games; Uncharted, InFamous, Killzone, Resistance, GT, Ratchet & Clank, Little Big Planet, and, and, and. The list of exclusives is so long.

See you online..

SynestheticRoar1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

OK. Not a bad deal.