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NewEgg’s eBay store features lowest Black Friday price for Playstation Plus subscriptions

The lowest price for Playstation Plus subscriptions have been revealed by NewEgg’s eBay store. (PS Vita, PS3, PS4, PSP)

Starbucks_Fan  +   362d ago
1000+ watchers and 2 hour left....
Starbucks_Fan  +   362d ago
Damn Slickdeals got crazy mad. The comment section is hilarious.
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   361d ago
They're gonna be bummed trying to redeem them and see that the PSN is down again for the Europe release. Thought they were supposed to be ready for this.

A shame. PSN down again.

Good deal on PSN+ though!
ZodTheRipper  +   361d ago
I played for about 10 hours today, it PSN was running perfectly.
thekhurg  +   361d ago
PSN isn't "down", it's being hammered. You can log in with a little patience and persistence.
azshorty2003  +   362d ago
Oh boy...these are going to go quick. I was going to get 2 tomorrow at Gamestop. Guess I'll be fighting everyone else for these instead.
PickAShoe  +   361d ago
One does not simply shop on black friday.
rainslacker  +   361d ago
GS isn't that bad if it's not one in the mall. If it's a strip mall or something it's usually fine later in the evening. I went at 7:30, and while they were busier than normal, it didn't take a really long time to pick up my PS+ card.
SyphonELITE  +   362d ago
check out my saved eBay search for 1 year of PS Plus, cheaper than Newegg will ever sell 'em:

yesmynameissumo  +   362d ago
Limit of 5? Bet. I'll *try* and grab 3 for around the price of a retail game.
Yankeesfan239  +   362d ago
so does this mean that it will be from 12:00am eastern friday morning to 12:30 eastern friday morning ?
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jukins  +   362d ago
that just the estimated time the deal will actually go live
Yankeesfan239  +   362d ago
oh ok so its an all day thing it just won't go on sale till then ? its 12:35 set still not on sale yet i wonder whats wrong
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azshorty2003  +   362d ago
Well, all I have to say is, Troll Level: MAXIMUM!!

30 minutes of mashing f5, and nothing!
Guelly0209  +   362d ago
Man I did the same damn thing!
Dropdeadll  +   362d ago
Nada.. :(
Guelly0209  +   362d ago
GameStop got the digital ones for $30 so I'm doing that
richard919  +   362d ago
Yeah, I'm tired of hitting F5, I'm buyin mine from GameStop as well.
Dropdeadll  +   362d ago
When is that deal going live? Midnight?
svoulis  +   362d ago
Just got one for 30$ thanks much Bubble +
HappyWithOneBubble  +   362d ago
Over 24k people are viewing the page per hour. Everyone gunning for it lol.
Toon_Link  +   362d ago
Amazon has 12 month codes for 30 as well.
90Supra  +   361d ago
just picked up 5 at my local gamestop...

in and out in 5mins......Niiiiice
lifesanrpg  +   361d ago
Wow I had to wait in line for over an hour at my GameStop just to get 2 cards. They had us in the same line as those getting an Xbox One and PS4 :(
Soldierone  +   361d ago
GameStop had theirs online when the East hit midnight. Sadly their checkout wouldn't confirm my order :/
90Supra  +   361d ago
Oh....i knew they wouldn't sell out of them so i showed up around 12:45am.......no line left at that point
DeadlyFire  +   361d ago
I got one, but code won't redeem. Error. I am going to assume its server overload for European launch and Black Friday units.
TruthBTold  +   361d ago
Mine too so should just be a network error for now. All Europe with PS4s are getting setup so i will try my code later.
DarthJay  +   361d ago
I was going to get one, but I never saw the price change to $22. Woke up this morning 8 hours later and still no change. Decided oh well and just bought the Amazon card. Then the code wouldn't redeem. Typical.
hollabox  +   361d ago
I just got the Amazon $29 deal but unfortunately yet again my damn PS4 is unable to connect to PSN this morning.
KontryBoy706  +   361d ago
just bought a year of PS+ for $29 from Amazon
Blac585  +   361d ago
Wtf psn down again
Crazyglues  +   361d ago
yeah I talked to Sony they said it's because everyone is trying to redeem the codes /and the UK launch so kinda taxing the network...

They said it will be back up shortly

||.........___||............ ||
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greatcrusader44  +   361d ago
Groupons $29 PS+ deal is back in stock and if you sign up for a new account you get $5 off. So $24 for a whole year.
Soldierone  +   361d ago
I tried to use the 5 dollar credit. It went in through checkout etc... then it still charged me 29 dollars.... do you know if they will fix it?
greatcrusader44  +   361d ago
It deducted the $5 for me at checkout (haven't checked my actual account summary to see if it charge $29 or $24) did you subscribe to group on or sign up?
Soldierone  +   361d ago
I did, and it said I had it, and it applied the discount. I bought it, then it went to processing, and then I got the email about it being done and it said "total price 29.99" and "total charged 29.99"

The coupon doesn't even show up on the receipt/summary anymore, it did before it was done processing so I don't know what happened.

Tried to buy something else thinking maybe it would bring it back, and it won't come back for some reason.
CuddlyREDRUM  +   361d ago
In order to read the article, watch the ad... GTFO!
Clunkyd  +   361d ago
anyone else having issues redeeming codes on the playstation store?
Every time I try to redeem the code it takes me back to the ps4s home screen.
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BoneMagnus  +   361d ago
Same thing with me - it just goes back to the home screen, and I never see the conformation screen. I tried a 12 month card and a 7 day trial that came with BF4. - same thing with both.
Ray186  +   361d ago
I saw that the codes wouldn't redeem on the PS4, so I tried on the PS3 and it worked just fine. I'm good until 12/14/2017
BoneMagnus  +   361d ago
It worked - thanks!! I had to go though the account management - not the store.
esemce  +   361d ago
Would be nice if Sony actually allowed us to redeem the codes (uk launch). Just got my PS4 and can't play online since I cant redeem my 365 PSN+ voucher code. SunB1tches.
ceooflhm  +   361d ago
Sony took down the Redeem Codes feature temporarily to alleviate the strain. European launch might have been part of the problem but my guess is the crazy deals Amazon had going especially the PS Plus cards. People probably got PS Plus for the first time and started downloading all those free games. Then you throw in stuff like Battlefield 4, Injustice G.A.U, etc for $35 and they were getting slammed. I started off with Battlefield 4 Digital for PS3. Lol Amazon stated you could not do the PS3 to PS4 upgrade but they were wrong. I started the download on my PS3 then paused it. Went to Playstation Store on my PS4 and it let me upgrade for $10. Then I signed into my account on my moms PS3 and went to my download list started the download on that console so she could have a copy. So I downloaded both versions on both consoles simultaneously. 45 gigs within 2 hours. Then bought her a year of PS Plus for $24.99 from Amazon since they gave $5 credit buying Battlefield 4. Started downloading every free game to her console. I figure a lot of people did stuff similar to that. Then got myself another PS Plus card for $29.99. I'm subscribed till 2016 now. Good day to be a gamer!

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