Nintendo Will Be the Video Game Winner This Holiday Season

While Microsoft and Sony have received the bulk of gaming-related coverage going into the holiday shopping season, Nintendo could be the single company most poised to benefit.

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Shnazzyone1844d ago

The power of having games and having a low price. Though I'd imagine they could be wrong here. Consumers typically go for new things. I still have my money of ps4 winning with wii U close second. Just not hearing the buzz for xbone so I expect that to hit 3. Though something can be said for how aggressive nintendo's marketing team has been lately.

MONKEYDLUFFY1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

Thats what I though at first but it seems like most people are staying with xbox at least in NA

Automatic791844d ago

Most would continue to spread rumors about Xbox when it is the actual opposite. The system is doing fine even if most Sony fanboys on this website don't want to believe it.

Benjaminkno1844d ago

I have to say, I wasn't excited about 3dworld until it was actually on sale and everyone was saying good things about it. The game makes me feel like a kid just like Nintendo always manages to do.

Microsoft's advertising for Xbox has started making me think twice about the console as well...

I hope they all win. It's only good for everyone.

mikeslemonade1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

I already know WiiU will be in last place for Christmas and this generation.

The more I look at 3D Mario World the less interested I am. It's essentially New Super Mario Bros Wii but in 3D which I wasn't a fan of that game. It's looks too simplistic and kiddy compared to Mario Galaxy, Sunshine, or 64. I would say it's nice to own if you have a Wii U already, but it's certainly over-hyped game that shouldn't be considered a system seller.

I went from kinda of salivating on the Wii U because of the new Mario game, too not even caring about trying the game. The Wii U is Bayonetta or nothing right now.

L0L_WUT1844d ago

good choice, I can see you have taste ;)


Only fools would doubt nintendo lol. Jk this holiday looks like anyones game

chrisarsenalsavart1844d ago

most people are staying witb xbox in N A?
don,t believe everything you see on the Internet(k buttler quote)


I mean in real life. You know the place that isnt the computer?

darkstar181844d ago

most of the new bundles are sold out so thats a good sign. i work at target and for the past few months iv been hearing less of "wats a wii u?" and more of "when will you get more in??" lol. still, i know that doesn't mean this happening EVERYWHERE but it is nice to see people have intrest in the console. :D Hope everthing goes will for Nintendo this Christmas.

amnalehu1844d ago

I think the PS3 will outsell them all this holiday season.

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The story is too old to be commented.