inFamous Second Son's Particle Effects Compile Directly On PS4's GPU, Does Not Involve CPU At All

"Before we jump into inFamous Second Son, let’s us go a few months back. Back in June we reported that PlayStation 4′s GPU features significant customization and will be able to handle complex asynchronous compute operations some of which were originally meant for the CPU."

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Neonridr1641d ago

That's GPGPU's for you..

GarrusVakarian1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Never get tired of seeing that, i thought that was like a pre-made cutscene when i first saw it but it really is completely in-game. Can someone explain why it's better that those effects run on the GPU instead of the CPU? Im not the best when it comes to technical details like that.

Neonridr1641d ago

if the GPU can handle calculations and computations related to the graphics side of the game, then the CPU cores can be freed up for other applications. Ultimately it will boost performance resulting in better framerates and allowing for more complex scenarios.

Studio-YaMi1641d ago

That was MARVELOUS! +1

ProjectVulcan1641d ago

Particles are perfect GPGPU fodder, because they are fairly simple calculations, but there are just absolutely loads of them to happen simultaneously.

Massively parallel operations then, exactly what a GPU is designed for

christrules00411641d ago

The GPU is sooo much more powerful then the CPU. Especially in the next gen consoles they are both using 8core jaguar which is basically2 tablet CPUs taped together. Since there is a lot of smaller calculations happening at the same time it takes less strain for the GPU to run it because it's so much more powerful then the CPU is.

That is also shown @The_Clank youtube video.

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GTgamer1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Those are some amazing particle effects in Second Son that GPU tho.

pyramidshead1641d ago

Dat customised beefy GPU. Gotta love it.

Lowsnamebrand1641d ago


i wonder if they're gonna pull what ryse did at e3 and make it look better than it actually is /s

ExitToExisT1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

such graphics.
many optimization.
much game.

ExitToExisT1641d ago

yeah of course. I guess the disagrees don't know about this meme.

Studio-YaMi1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

I wanna see "decrypt" the PC fanboy downplay this ..

and Sony .. you wowed me with Killzone:Shadow Fall,which is a launch title,I can't wait to see infamous:SS and other titles coming later in 2014-2015!

Uncharted 4 anyone?

MasterCornholio1641d ago

Decrypt: PFFT PC can run this game at 4k 60FPS

PS4 Owner: PC can't run this game at 4K 60FPS because its exclusive to the PS4.

Decrypt: PFFT with emulators PCs can run anything.

That would be Decrypts reply to this.

ziggurcat1641d ago

don't forget that other fool who would always run his mouth about "jaggies" and "medium settings"...

MasterCornholio1641d ago


You could run a game like Second Son on PC at 4k at 60FPS but it would take an extremely powerful system to do so which means a computer that costs over 2k to build. I know some people have super gaming PCs but the majority Dont have computers that expensive.

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