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Dealspwn writes: "Another magnificent Saori Kobayashi soundtrack and some visually arresting scenery can't save Crimson Dragon from the mean-spirited cynical sickness at its core. What could have been a gorgeous and uncomplicated shooter has been hacked into tiny chunks in the name of microtransactions, butchered almost beyond recognition until you push through several miserable hours. Microsoft And Grounding broke their own game. Willingly."

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insomnium21665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Holy shite this game is being murdered on reviews it seems. Looks like MS has to learn that micro transactions is a bad thing when they are done wrong the hard way.

Snookies121665d ago

Micro transactions should NEVER be in a game you pay for.

from the beach1665d ago

I just finished playing through the game without paying for a single piece of additional content, so I'm not sure how this complaint comes to be.

I know you can buy 'gems' in the game but you certainly don't need to.

Hicken1665d ago

There's always an excuse, huh?

from the beach1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Instead of trying to snipe at me, why don't you tell us about your experience with micro-transactions in Crimson Dragon?

Bonus points if you do it without losing another bubble.

Blues Cowboy1665d ago

It's not about the microtransactions themselves, it's about how the game has been broken in order to support them with its short grindy levels.

from the beach1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

But as I said, I was able to play it fine without buying extra things.. so how can the game be described as broken?

I actually liked the stage structure - some levels are short with only a few objectives, some are fairly long. It would be nice if there were are few more environments but the pacing throughout was good.

It didn't even take a long time to level up and I only replayed stages to improve my grade and because the stages were fun - not to grind.

There are valid complaints about this game but I can't see how micro-transactions is one.

Hicken1665d ago

I'm not making a claim one way or the other about the game, so my experience with it is immaterial.

I'm just noting that, as you do for every other critically panned XB1 game, you come armed with an excuse(and a flimsy one, at that).

You can play Forza without ever taking part in the microtransactions within, as well. It's evident the developers WANT you to, though. They've made the most desirable cars easily available ONLY if you pay real money... though even then, you still have to use in-game cash to buy the cars and actually drive them.

But rather than find fault with that- and there IS fault to be found, rest assured- you say, "Well *I* didn't do it, so it's not a problem." "Only a fool would fall for such a thing."

As BluesCowboy says, and as he states in the article... oh, hell, I'll just quote it directly.

"Unnecessary repetition and tedium has been disgracefully shoved into Crimson Dragon everywhere you look, a transparent attempt to encourage players to part with real money to speed up the process, despite already having paid £15.99."

You're not FORCED to do it- making your original comment pretty pointless- but the game is designed to encourage it. Plenty will lose patience with boring, repetitive grinds and unlikely item drops and just BUY their way to what they need.

And that's exactly what the dev wants.

But that's cool, right? It doesn't matter that they tried. Doesn't matter that many will get swindled by this. All that matters is "I didn't buy anything."

from the beach1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Right, so you haven't played the game. I see you're still too cowardly to straight up admit it but that's obviously the case.

At this point most people would be too ashamed to actually continue an argument without knowing what they're talking about, but kudos to you for having the brass balls to push on regardless!

Okay, so since micro-transactions seem to be the only way you can bash Xbox One games - after they wiped the floor with their PS4 counterparts in the reviews - you've obviously decided to make it your 'cause'.

But it's a matter of choice whether someone wants to spend that money or not. I chose not to and I think it's important for people to know that the game can be enjoyed just fine as I experienced it.

Anyway, people who use micro-transactions aren't being 'swindled', they're spending their cash as they see fit - why are you suggesting they shouldn't? -- particularly for a game you've not even played!!

Edit @Volkama

Can I just stress the point here - because we're reaching dangerous levels of FUD - that at no point are you required to pay to progress in Crimson Dragon. There's a 'continue' option when you die, not a micro-transaction.

I honestly can't recommend this game highly enough to fans of the series or to rail-shooter fans in general.

Volkama1664d ago

A continue option that costs gems right? Gems that you buy for real currency, right?

So $$$ for continues.

If that's not the case then I have fallen for some serious FUD, and I will buy the game immediately. Truly I will.

from the beach1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

No dude, wrong!

These 'revival gems' are bought with in-game credits which are easy to accumulate. I used them a couple of times (game's tough!) and didn't pay real cash for anything. You can also pay for them with real cash but I guarantee you'll never need to.

Damn.. this is exactly why people who haven't played the game should not be commenting on how it works. Spread the good word, and PM me if you've any other queries.

Volkama1665d ago

They shouldn't be there, and the game should not be built around them. Seriously, challenge in a game can be fun. Challenge in a game that then effectively says "You died, pay $$$ to continue!" is absolutely unacceptable.

Coming from a Panzer fanboy it's quite painful abstaining from buying this game, but it's important that MS know this model is a dead end.

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chrissx1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Exclusive xbone games hav been getting the poorest reviews. smh at M$