How do you Stop a Zombie Game From Getting Old?

Dead Rising 3’s executive producer talks murder fantasies, banana hammocks and studying Twilight.

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ThatEnglishDude1843d ago

The zombie craze has worn thin years ago and is really getting old. They seem to be everywhere in media now. It's pretty sad when you almost wish to kill Nazi's again. Although, that would probably be considered politically incorrect in today's world...

WeAreLegion1843d ago

Just make a fun game. I still love zombies.

ziggurcat1843d ago

just don't let activision make any zombie games...

Robochobo1843d ago

I laughed. Bubbles for you.

lets_go_gunners1843d ago

Activision doesn't make games. And black ops zombies was rather addictive.

punisher991843d ago

The zombie fad is worn out and played out in my opinion. Its time for more creative ideas.

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The story is too old to be commented.