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PlayStation Vita is the Proper Home of the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy

Brian Sharon of The Vita Lounge examines the choice of Rockstar Games to keep the (PlayStation 2) Grand Theft Auto Trilogy relegated to mobile devices, rather than it`s proper home - the PlayStation Vita. (Android, Culture, Grand Theft Auto, Industry, iPad, iPhone, Mobile, PS Vita, PS2)

Derekvinyard13  +   393d ago
I would buy this without a doubt, would be even better if there was trophies in it to
asmith2306  +   393d ago
I was just thinking yesterday that I want San Andreas on the Vita. Make it happen Sony!
Turbotoby  +   393d ago
I would get this in an instant... pweeease rockstar
nevin1  +   393d ago
Isn't Liberty/Vice Stories compatible on Vita? So a better trilogy would be making San Andreas Stories exclusive on Vita.
BrianSharon  +   393d ago
That's a great idea, but if you are Rockstar - what does it take to port the original trilogy from mobile to Vita? Not much I imagine. From there it could work as a feeler for a future title.
paul-p1988  +   393d ago
Come on Rockstar, this needs to be done and will definitely shift MILLIONS of Vitas if they did!
HumanAfterAll  +   393d ago
I still have yet to own a vita. I've been wanting one but EHHHHHH I haven't seen many games I liked.

THIS would sell me on it.
plaZeHD  +   393d ago
Yeah why not vita?
nfl  +   393d ago
A special gta for vita. Gr8 reviews and put in a bundle to sell more...........or ps4 gta with remote play wont hurt ;)
GdaTyler  +   393d ago
I'm going to say this in the nicest way possible. I know many say it's a business thing and the Vita is not selling well. So how well will it sell if you don't take the risk. The install base is GUARANTEED to increase they put GTA on Vita. I just hate how they are staying away from the system. It makes me sick. Putting a GTA game on mobile phones? Please.
Angerfist  +   393d ago
Some of you may not heard of this but Gta San Andreas is coming to phones in december. With updated Graphics and controls.
BrianSharon  +   393d ago
It's mentioned in the article.
dcj0524  +   393d ago
Sony. Make ALL PS2 classics run on the VITA. That would be so hot. PSP, PS1, PS2 AND VITA games? PS4 through remote play and PS3 through Gaikai? Ultimate handheld device ever.
jairusmonillas  +   389d ago
I love Vita but if i own rockstar, it's no brainer why its coming to ios and android instead of vita, 3ds or any other portable gaming system.

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