PlayStation Vita is the Proper Home of the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy

Brian Sharon of The Vita Lounge examines the choice of Rockstar Games to keep the (PlayStation 2) Grand Theft Auto Trilogy relegated to mobile devices, rather than it`s proper home - the PlayStation Vita.

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Derekvinyard131603d ago

I would buy this without a doubt, would be even better if there was trophies in it to

asmith23061603d ago

I was just thinking yesterday that I want San Andreas on the Vita. Make it happen Sony!

Turbotoby1603d ago

I would get this in an instant... pweeease rockstar

nevin11603d ago

Isn't Liberty/Vice Stories compatible on Vita? So a better trilogy would be making San Andreas Stories exclusive on Vita.

BrianSharon1603d ago

That's a great idea, but if you are Rockstar - what does it take to port the original trilogy from mobile to Vita? Not much I imagine. From there it could work as a feeler for a future title.

paul-p19881603d ago

Come on Rockstar, this needs to be done and will definitely shift MILLIONS of Vitas if they did!

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The story is too old to be commented.