Game increase stock of PS4

Game are the first store to increase there stock of the PS4, they also have a wide range of bundles available to purchase online and in store, including the Killzone Mega Pack in more than 300 Game shops.

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Grave1455d ago

I wish I could find a PS4 in stock.

Rikuide_Furame1455d ago

I checked their website (around an hour ago) and they still have bundles in stock but it's the mega versions (near enough £600).

mike32UK1455d ago

Hey grave, if you are in the UK check out it auto refreshes every minute or so and can be set to sound an alarm when new stock is found! Good luck

gixer1455d ago

Makes me laugh that they have stock on the shelf in certain stores but at my local GAME store if I pre ordered one now I wouldn't get one till after Christmas. I wish these companies would fulfill their pre orders first before trying to sell extra units to people who just turn up for one.

Rikuide_Furame1455d ago

Imagine being an ASDA employee and being told your pre-order has been taken for launch day stock as they'd prefer a regular sale to a staff-discounted one.

IRetrouk1455d ago

That would suck, staff or not they should have to honor a preorder

TruthInsider 1455d ago

Can't find a PS4 anywhere! :-(

TheLyonKing1455d ago

Still waiting on amazon to send mine, shouldn't be too long now! Goodbye world.

tudors1455d ago

I got 3 preorders spare, should be ready next week or shortly after. I am from the UK west Yorkshire area, they are for sale but I don't rip people off so someones going to get lucky.

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