Judged By The Cover: GTA IV, Mario Kart (And Yes, Other Games Came Out Too)

Box art is a big deal.

That's why when a game's artwork is off for some reason, the game company offers to send you a new one.

That's also why last November Rockstar revealed the box art for GTA IV with this elaborate wall painting.

And after waiting and waiting for what seems like forever, GTA IV finally hits stores this week. Since no game is too big or too small for MTV Multiplayer's shallow assessment, they continue onward with their weekly feature of judging games by their cover art.

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SUP3R3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

I honestly thought the Mario Kart box art was a poster when I first saw it at GameStop, it's soooooo lame. :(
GTAIV wins of course.....3 HRS LEFT!!

Nitrowolf23856d ago

dam that cover does suck
why couldnt they just put mario and a couple of other character driving there cars like they use to

SL1M DADDY3855d ago

Flamboyant yet to the point. And yes, I hate it. That's more than likely the hardcore gamer in me though. Looking at it from a casual perspective, I still think it sucks.