Nintendo Download (11/28/13, North America)

Check out the Nintendo digital downloads and sales for November 28.

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kB01610d ago

DOnt care about eshop until we actually own the game.

When they stop tieing them in to our System and give us real accounts, this will be an important update to me.

Till then, Nintendo isn't getting a dime from me for digital!

WeAreLegion1610d ago

I've already purchased a few things digitally. Hoping they fix this before my Wii U breaks. Lol. Thank God for a low failure rate.

LOL_WUT1610d ago

Just purchased mario bros. and mario bros. 2 all for 7 nice deal ;)

Dunban671610d ago

They only released 1 VC game on the Wii U!

Next week we will get 1/2 a game

Why in the world won t they release both more games and games from more recent consoles like the gamecube?????