GamesRadar: THEY Hands-On

There's been a bit of buzz about Metropolis Software's latest project in development, They. The first-person shooter places you in the heart of London in the near future and pits you against an army of invading robots. They's canned premise sounds painfully generic at first, but the title has some interesting twists in store for those looking for a good reason to pick up a gun and fight.

Right off the bat, They breaks away from the traditional shooter weapons system. You won't find new weapons as you play through the game. Instead, you'll collect various parts that can be used to tune your weapon in order to create your own custom-made Swiss Army gun.

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SL1M DADDY3880d ago

In a land full of shooters. If this one cannot rise above and produce a truly imersive story then I fear it will fall in line with the rest of the already bland and short lived shooters. With the likes of some heavy hitters coming, I can't see this getting any higher ratings than Jericho.