Tales Of PSP Games Getting PSN Digital Releases

All the Tales Of games released on PSP are going to become available soon on the Japanese Playstation Store. The games will all be compatible with PsVita and PsVita TV

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Snookies121458d ago

A lot of people would be happy with this being released outside of Japan... Hint... Hint, hint... I'm giving a hint. RELEASE THEM OUTSIDE OF JAPAN!

DarkBlood1458d ago

getting little angry are we? :p

Xof1457d ago

A couple of them are already localized, so it's not like it would be difficult.

But Namco-Bandai has demonstrated ZERO desire, so it's unlikely.

Whxian1457d ago

they don't care about what we want, if the games were already translated then they would have had a chance, but they probably wont bother just like they refuse to localize the vita's games.

Nate-Dog1457d ago

Don't care what we want? We just got Xillia in the West and are getting Xillia 2 pretty soon, we're getting Symphonia and Dawn of the New World in a HD collection, and we're most likely getting a new PS3 game after that AND they're probably going to begin working on their first PS4 game pretty soon even though Baba seems more interested in putting out at least 1-2 more titles on PS3 first. Don't act like we're getting nothing in the West. I know people want the PSP and Vita games brought over and understand that, but we're still getting games, it's not like Namco are sitting on their asses staring at the wall.

Hicken1457d ago

Well, even if they ARE sitting on their asses and staring at the wall, they're still managing to bring over a good amount of games.

Now Sega... they're doing nothing. Hopefully, their acquisition of ATLUS will change that, though, as their localization skills are top-notch.

Whxian1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

their excuse was that not enough people own the vita in the west for them to localize it, and although i dont think that issue has been resolved yet, they did get alot of requests to localize the games, but still refused to, even though they were one of the most requested when sony asked what games people wanted localized.....

i know they've localized the last 4-5 maintitles on one homeconsole or another, but they clearly ignore most of the portables, my comment was not even about the homeconsole games, as this post was about the psp ones.

Inception1457d ago


"my comment was not even about the homeconsole games, as this post was about the psp ones."

I don't see you mentioning PSP in your 1st comment, only Vita. And Namdai did localize Tales of Eternia for PSP and Tales of the Abyss for 3DS. Just buy it from Amazon or Ebay if you really want to play it.

And it's true Namdai doesn't localize Tales for NDS & Vita such as Innocence / Hearts. But their reason is logical because not enough people buying Tales for handheld. Just like Tales of the Abyss 3DS that sold poorly in the west. If one of the best Tales in the series sold poorly for the most popular handheld this gen, than it makes sense to hold the localization process until there's enough request to do it.

tiffac0081456d ago

Well guys historically, Bamco has never been kind to localizing their games on handhelds.

That is why we never saw Tales of Innocence, Tales of Hearts and Tales of Tempest localized in the DS, as well as the games listed on this article for the PSP.

Even the Tales of Hearts R released on the iOS in Japan is staying in Japan.

Its just so sad...


I still have my doubts with Sega but at least they will let Atlus do their thing.

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Inception1457d ago

They CARE what RPG fans in the west really want. But too bad the majority of western gamer still buying that crappy CoD year after year like a sheep :/

Magnus1457d ago

Port the PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia as we'll these titles I am getting for sure.

Whxian1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

@Inception even if i didnt write the word "psp", the article is about those games thus i meant to them and ofc the vita titles which i mentioned.

tales of the abyss? already localized for ps2, otherwise would not have seen the light of day outside of japan. any tales of fan, would have probably played the game 1-3+ times already.
as for why it sold poorly, well not very hard to answer.

1. old game with no improvements, simple port (why would u buy a game u already own and played, with no additions? if it was something like persona 4 golden, then maybe)

2. fanbase of tales games are mostly sony console owners.

and i did say almost never, because they did have few exceptions, but we are missing most of the handheld games.

defending their choice to ignore us for handhelds wont really help get us any more games, but i guess you're content with just 1 game out of 2-3 that they might release every few years.