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Divekick CEO Dave Lang: "PS4 is legit awesome"

Dave Lang, CEO at Iron Galaxy Studios, declares that PS4 is "legit awesome", and confirms that the studio is working on several PS4 games already, likely on behalf of Epic Games, 2K Games and Capcom. (Dave Lang, Divekick, Iron Galaxy Studios, PS4)

ajthemackem  +   485d ago
Capcom eh? I've been wondering who the bloke is lifting the car in the PS4 advert, I've been thinking it looks like Haggar from Final Fight...
lonelyplayer  +   485d ago
Several ps4 games. Nice!!
Alexious  +   485d ago
Indeed, let's hope Epic Games finally announces their new title at VGX.
Rzep  +   485d ago
I am fairly sure I will never listen to anyone who uses the word "legit".
Alexious  +   485d ago
Any "legit" reason why?
Rzep  +   485d ago
The same reason why I would punch those who called me bro, or try to infuse proper language with 1337 shit.
MysticStrummer  +   485d ago
@Rzep - You could have just said no.
Jack_Of_All_Blades  +   485d ago
Y0u m@d br0? Gu355 y0ur ju5t n0t cut out to be l33t lik3 u5. P54 is t0t@lly l3git
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toddybad  +   485d ago
divekick looks and sounds crap
sephiroth420  +   485d ago
I played a bit of it and it left me thinking wtf? why didnt they just spend the time making a proper 2d fighting game instead of this ridiculousness.

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