Indie Game Magazine (IGM) charging developers to review their games?

Are paid reviews becoming a new practice in the world of PC indie gaming?

An article from IndieStatik about this event:

A conversation between TotalBiscuit and the owner of IGM:

An editorial from John Walker of "Rock, Paper, Shotgun":

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ExitToExisT1604d ago

They wrote a hands-on article on my indie game OCEAN CITY RACING and there was no such thing.

safirerings1600d ago

I didn't review your particular game, but I've written unbiased, unsponsored reviews for IGM for 4 years. I hope this does not hurt the credibility of existing reviews.

TwistedJenius1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

As suggested in the original blog, IGM's paid review policy is less than a month old and was implemented when they changed ownership.

They've now publicly responded, admitting to doing it and intending to keep doing it:

BABY-JEDI1604d ago

Oh tha banality. I'm sure reviewers will deduct points at this prospect.