PlayStation 4 review: A media centre fit for the gaming purist - MMGN

MMGN writes: The PlayStation 4 represents the sophisticated rebirth of the PlayStation name.

Ditching the all-powerful mantra that defined — and condemned — its predecessor in the PS3, the PS4 is now focused on the importance of developer accessibility in an effort to once again put PlayStation back on top.

In its early days it paints a picture of stability and sleekness, with a distinctive focus on games first and everything else second. But has this "for the players" philosophy translated to a must-have piece of technology?

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MasterCornholio1603d ago

The PS4 is pretty capable as a multimedia machine and its even more capable as a gaming machine. Even though some important multimedia features are missing when Sony patches them in the console will be a monster media and gaming machine.

Hekticboss441603d ago

Games first otherwise why would you buy one its cool it can do other stuff but the games have to come first or it's not a console anymore simple as that !! I'm looking forward to ps1 /ps2 days where's there's that much variety u have to pull names out of a fu#% in hat that's playstation !! I approve this console !

Eclypse661603d ago

Hey guys, i have a slightly off-topic question, im planning to buy a ps4 next month, and i have a 720p 32 inch samsung tv. My question is, if i play a game like KZ: SF, at what resolution will it be played and will it still look as beautiful as a 1080p tv? Will i be able to tell the difference from say, killzone 3? Thanks in advance for any feed back :)

AsimLeonheart1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

It will display in 720p and will look the same when it comes to all the next-gen graphical effects. It will look vastly superior to Killzone 3 and will still look gorgeous, just a little less sharp and clear as compared to 1080p. You will not notice the difference until you see it running on a 1080p TV. Once you see it, there will be no going back to 720p. :-)

A helpful bubble would be nice ;-)

Eclypse661603d ago

Thanks for the info, + bubbles (being helpful) for you and the others :-)

SniperControl1603d ago

Your bound to get "Off Topic" heading your way soon, but, the PS4 will pick up that you have a 720p TV and lower the resolution accordingly.

Trust me, it will still look good, it may not have the sharpness and definition of 1080p, but will still look good.

1080p and 720p difference only really kicks in on TV's around about the 40"/50" and above.

Thats why they say 4K is best viewed on TV's 60" and above.

OT: Once Sony patch in the missing bits, the PS4 will be a monster media centre.

medziarz1603d ago

it will be scaled down to 720p by the system and will look great. the graphics are mind blowing compared to other games.

Death1603d ago

The game experience will be identical regardless of screen size. The difference between 1080p and 720p on a 32 inch screen isn't as obvious as it is on a larger screen, but even then you need to compare it side by side to see the difference. Don't let the new focus on resolution affect your gaming enjoyment, it is purely done for bragging rights and has nothing to do with being a gamer.

Sarcasm1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

If your tv accepts a 1080p signal and displays in 1080p despite being a native 720p panel, you will still enjoy the benefit of 1080p because it will down sample and still a bit sharper than a native 720p game. Right now some people in the gaming PC gaming world like to down sample 2160p down to 1080p and enjoy cleaner lines. Those who don't believe me just look up in Google nvidia down sample.

SniperControl1603d ago

That wont work unfortunately, the PS4 will do a handshake over HDMI with the TV on power up, it will determine the TV's optimal resolution and set the resolution accordingly. It was the same on PS3, you could not set a higher res than your TV allowed(higher res is greyed out)

I think what you are talking about it PC to monitor.

Sarcasm1603d ago

It's going to depend on the specific TV. Some will accept a 1080p signal and output in 1080p despite being a native 768p (720p) panel. But you are also right that of the tv does not accept the handshake and only outputs in 720p then yeah it won't work.

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Sarcasm1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

If gaming is your thing and you only have one console choice, you pick the PS4 for the best multiplatform titles and future exclusives. Pretty simple as that.

As far as the media features go it will keep being updated. The PS3 at launch vs the PS3 of late are vastly different. And given how much OS RAM they gave the PS4 it leaves plenty of headroom for more features.

MRMagoo1231603d ago

Agree PS4 is the gamers choice

Death1603d ago

Yes, only Playstation owners are real gamers. If you enjoy the exclusives on any other console you aren't a gamer. If your console can do anything besides play games, it's no good. Unless it does those things on a Playstation with a patch later on, then it's brilliant.

Sarcasm1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

^death. Nobody said anything about "real" or "fake" gamers. I'm simply stating if people want the best quality multiplatform games for their money you get a PS4 outside of investing in a high powered PC.

Hekticboss441603d ago

It will still look great but for full effect you need that 1080p telly !! Kill zone sf will look and play rings around kz3 ! Get one brah the games won't stop coming right into the ps5 lifecycle !! Other systems have some awesome games but it ain't playstation !

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