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Submitted by Abriael 803d ago | image

Not All PS4 Units Sold in Europe are Made in Japan as Revealed by Picture

There was a rumor floating around hinting to the possibility that PS4 consoles released in European countries could be made in Japan, as opposed to the ones released in North America that are made in China. Unfortunately the rumor is not true. (PS4)

Mikelarry  +   803d ago
why abriel why.... now when my ps4 comes the first thing i will check is where it was made before even switching it on
Abriael  +   803d ago
lol. I'm sorry?

I am actually in the same position. I'm hoping in luck, as I definitely trust Japan's manufacturing quality a lot more, and not just for the PS4.

To clarify, I don't believe it's a big issue and I don't expect to see my console smoking if it's made in China. I just am OCD like that. For all my Japanese products I prefer to get them made at home.
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Sheikah  +   803d ago
At least in Denmark, Gamestop released FAQ that states that their batch is "Made in Japan" so here's to hope :)
abzdine  +   803d ago
I live in DK and i'm gonna pick my console at Gamestop myself tomorrow midnight but i will still ask them to give me one made in Japan!
That's the advantage of picking the console up from the shop
Neonridr  +   803d ago
I just got a PS4 yesterday and the first thing I did was flip over the console to see where it was made. Naturally it came from the September 2013 China batch which had me initially worried. However it started up with no issues, and worked perfectly for the time I was using it. Obviously that doesn't mean anything, but don't worry, I am sure the one you get will be perfectly fine. However, due to international protection laws, you cannot hold me at fault should your console actually crap out on you when you get it, lol.

You'll be fine, don't worry.
MasterCornholio  +   803d ago
What the heck? I thought you couldn't get one because they were all sold out.

Talk about lucky.
LOL_WUT  +   802d ago
I should be getting one tomorrow too at midnight in the U.S so wish me luck ;)

Oh btw if you check the target website and you enter your zip code you might see some in stock just make sure you call in advance good luck guys
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Neonridr  +   802d ago
@MasterCornholio - I was checking the Future Shop (equivalent to Best Buy in the US) website and suddenly a store near me showed that they had stock at that location. I called the place, they had received a shipment of 15 units earlier and there was currently 11 left. They would not hold one for me, it was first come first serve. I drove straight there (took me 20 minutes or so to get there) and when I arrived I secured my console, and there was about 4 more left. In total it took 40 minutes from the time the store opened to the time the last console was snatched up. I got SUPER lucky.
IRetrouk  +   803d ago
Not bothered where its from as long as it works, the faults at present are less than 1% of consoles sold so far so im not too worried.

Why the disagrees? It really does not matter where it is made as they are all made to the same design, if it comes from china then so be it, if its faulty it gets replaced, i understand that the factory in china has some problems with staff being unfairly treated but other than the few instances of faulty consoles everything has been fine.
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Abriael  +   802d ago
Because you should obviously be terribly bothered, and sweat five pounds until you can read the label of your PS4.

Obviously :D
IRetrouk  +   802d ago
Lmao, bubs for making me laugh, i just dont get why people are so worried about the consoles from china, there is no wide spread problem and i think it was probably taken way out of context, the consoles been out almost two weeks now, without any reports of serious problems, same goes for the one, i just cant wait to get my hands on the ps4 tonight, im like a little kid at christmas lol.
Neonridr  +   802d ago
agreed IRetrouk, mine was in the 2013 September China batch, and so far so good.
madmark316  +   796d ago
Sorry sport im tired of hearing of sweat shops in china and if the companies want to use sweat shops to cut money off products then I dont want one. Maybe you can send a family member or child to china and let them make you a nice cheap product and see if they like it.
tigertron  +   803d ago
I'd say the distribution of Japanese and Chinese made batches are random, so some places in the UK could get JP PS4s and others could get CN ones. Just pot luck.

I just hope mine is Japanese made.
Bio_Mod  +   803d ago
I'll see on Friday.
Stick89  +   803d ago
Mine was "Made in China" and I've had zero issues with it. So if you do wind up with a MiC console don't worry, probably the same chance of it failing as one made in Japan.
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Sanquine90  +   803d ago
Good news, this means the consoles can be sold in China. ( Market 1 billion people)
KonsoruMasuta  +   803d ago
Except for the fact that consoles have been sold in China regardless of the ban.

And there is also the fact most Chinese gamers game on PC. They're into MMOs, MOBAS, and other things of the like.
ShinnokDrako  +   803d ago
I hope mine will be made in Japan. No real reason, but i trust them a bit more =P If not, i just hope mine won't have problems. *fingers crossed*

123pol  +   803d ago
then its time for a console hunt ^^ i want the Japanese made one :D
KILLERAPP  +   802d ago
Mine was made in China too. No problems at all...
Honest_gamer  +   802d ago
i'll check the hdmi port before turning it on and have told everyone i know who is getting a ps4 to do the same thing pin up? push it down end of
GoldPunch-TR  +   802d ago
But it's not CUH-1000A.
deadfrag  +   802d ago
Thats because US models have a diferent TAG reference than European models,the same will happen with Asian models and jap. models the tag nº is diferent but the components are the same.Another thing Foxconn its not the only factory in china that is making PS4´s theres atleast another factory making them in China just like there is two more factorys making PS4´s in Japan and Malasia.
Taylor_Oscar  +   802d ago
i ordered mine from gameseek so i guess i have a china model... am i worried? not at all
deadfrag  +   802d ago
Well in Portugal we have 2 years of warranty on the PS4 just like we did have in all released systems so far,so frankly i dont care if it is made in China or Japan if it gets any problem in the first month i can return it directly to the shop for direct replacement in the same day,if it gets a problem in the next two years after i will send it to Sony warranty.
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buffalo1066  +   802d ago
perhaps the cardboard box was made in china
feraldrgn  +   802d ago
Will the PS4 more likely be manufactured in Japan in Q1 2014 by any chance?
mochachino  +   802d ago
Lucky Europeans, In Canada we got the slave labour Chinese version all from the same plant with unpaid student interns.

But I guess Sony is playing it safe given that your warranty is twice as long.
Golden30  +   802d ago
I believe (most) European countrys have a different power adapter.. while UK and USA using the same power cables. So I think its China for them and Japan for the most european countrys
Azzanation  +   802d ago
That's stupid, If there doing this to keep up with demand then I am sure most people would rather wait then get a product produced in another country. These models made in China are probably the same models that have a wobble in it.
SpinalRemains138  +   802d ago
I got a Chinese one and it works but has the sticky R1 button.

I used a Pedi-Paw to sand down the side. Fixed
seanbrady49  +   794d ago
Any electronic items brought in the European by law have a two year warranty, that includes smart phone etc, it's a little know eu regulation but one the all eu country have to abide by.

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