Call of Duty Ghosts Riley advanced Fur comparison video

A look at the new fur effects for Riley in Call of Duty Ghosts on PC showing the before and after look.

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Neonridr1663d ago

I can't wait to see what Ghosts 2 looks like now. I bet they will be using the new Riley Fur 2.0 engine by then.

curtis921663d ago

What are they waiting fur!?

aCasualGamer1663d ago

They're waiting fur Call of Duty: Modern Warfur fur.

aCasualGamer1663d ago

It's really not that beautifur...

Jokes aside, it looks hideous with all those bad textures in the environment.

stuna11663d ago

At first it was Fish! Now it's Fur? I wonder what's next Feet!? They have to keep it in the F column after all/s.

georgenancy1663d ago

wow,that fur looks terrible especially around the tail

Godz Kastro1663d ago

Whats up with COD man...Fish AI and now new Fuzz technology...This is why I waited so desperately for next gen :/

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The story is too old to be commented.