Check Out These Nostalgic PS4 and Xbox One Console-Wraps

House of Grafix, a vinyl and decal designer for over ten years, has already begun wraps for the newly-released PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. The wraps are meant to resemble the design of first-generation Nintendo Entertainment Systems. The company has also developed a host of solid color Xbox One skins for those who are unimpressed with the console’s black color and/or cannot afford the beautiful white edition which was given to Microsoft employees only.

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MisfitsInc1636d ago

i dont like vinyl wraps, i'd much rather have a true console casing.

JAT23041636d ago

Looks dumb on Xbone, due to the venting.

JoSneak1636d ago

LOL i thought that there was a real NES with that PS4...
Xbone is huge!!!!