Cerny And Suzuki May Reveal Shenmue III At GDC 2014

Dylan Z of iGR writes, "Are Yu Suzuki and Mark Cerny poised to reveal Shenmue III to the world at GDC? 2014?

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Majin-vegeta1641d ago

The trademark was fake.

Wonder how many people would go out and just buy a PS4 for this game??

CocoWolfie1641d ago

me! ^-^ atleast it gives me more reason to.. anyway whens GDC? ._.

insomnium21641d ago

Please give us a Shenmue collection for PS3, PS4 and Vita! Pleeeease!

wishingW3L1641d ago

not many considering that the game a commercial flop twice. On Dreamcast and then again on Xbox. So bad it was it nearly killed Sega.

Haki11121641d ago

i would Still got shenmue 1 and 2 for DC and 2 for xbox

mt1641d ago

nope and nope, each year we see Shenmue III and half life 3 trending, and many get excited but end up with disappointment.

I won't believe it till I see then you could squeal like little girl as you like.

galgor1641d ago

Megaton if only it was true. We can only hold on to hope!

matrixman921641d ago

if it is a sony exclusive...the war is over. There is nothing left to win

CEOSteveBallmer1641d ago

Surely if this will become reality, it will be PS3 exclusive. because mark cerny won't bother if it will just become a multiplat game. As if PS4 not selling too hot. MS has exclusives of their own, "3rd party" to be exact and PS4's exclusives are 90% from their 1st party studios while MS has 60% of their exclusives as 3rd party. So it think its rightful that this will be sony exclusive. yoou want to play the game? then buy the cheaper and more powerful console.

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