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Japan Sales Week: Lightning Returns debuts with lowest opening week of the Final Fantasy XIII saga

Gematsu: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII debuts at 277,000. (3DS, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, PS Vita, PS3, PSP, Super Mario 3D World, Wii U, Xbox 360)

Godmars290  +   583d ago
Meh. Square will still be able to claim "victory" because of the game's position. Wont learn anything.
ritsuka666  +   583d ago
I hope this will be the end of the crap Fabula crystallis series no one asked for.
Taislin  +   583d ago
Actually 2/3 of the Fabulla Nova Crystallis series are some of the most antecipated games ever. FF XV and Type-0.
ritsuka666  +   583d ago
Nah...The majority of people didn't want this series anymore.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   582d ago
Its not rlly over since Nomura pretty much said FFXV would have its own sequels as well.

They were able to crank out a XIII game every 2 years. Once XV hits I expect FFXV-2,-3 to follow. Maybe FFXVI at the end of the next gen cycle.
abzdine  +   582d ago
SquareEnix really don't wanna get rid of the number 13 i can see cause it caused them more bad than good.

No real FF no buy! And i hope people will buy enough FFX just to show them that that's the type of FF we expect.
Godmars290  +   582d ago
@Taislin :
That's the thing: originally the direct sequels to FF13 didn't even exist. Somehow Toriyama decided mid-production of 13 to split up content and use it as excuse to make the sequels.

And then Type-0 and Versus suffered name changes, and now more than likely FF15 will see two sequels, nevermind that Nomura is directing - and this is how Square is doing things now.
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bakasora  +   581d ago
good stuff
Eonjay  +   583d ago
Yes, this looks pretty bad... until you look down the list at item number 2. Super Mario World 3D 99,588. What happened. The last I heard, Mario was getting excellent reviews.
weekev15  +   582d ago
Theres a very low uptake of WiiU in Japan. Bit worrying for Nintendo if thats all they can shift in their home turf. Fingers crossed the holiday sales will give it a boost.
TheOtherVitaOwner  +   582d ago
Considering this is supposed to be Nintendo's big blockbuster game for the holidays I think Nintendo should be very worried
Theyellowflash30  +   582d ago

- Why should Nintendo be very worried about one regions sales?

It was just in Japan, and 3D Mario games always sell better in America than Japan, so I don't think Nintendo has anything to be worried about.

Not only that, but since when was 100K bad for a system with 1 million units sold?
come_bom  +   582d ago
Less then expected sales for FF13-3.
3DS in front of the pack without surprise.
Crap sales for Xbox.
Expected more sales for Super Mario 3D World and WiiU.
... and quite a nose dive for Vita TV sales.
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vishmarx  +   582d ago
did someone mention it outsold mario?
knifefight  +   580d ago
Outselling a title that bombs isn't much of an accomplishment.

Mario 3D World has the lowest Japanese sales numbers of any Mario title ever. It's far, far below projections and expectations. So doing better than a disappointment? That doesn't really mean anything.
MightyNoX  +   582d ago
Not as long as Toriyama has anything to say about it. He'll keep shoving Lightining in every entry till the end of time.
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Blastoise  +   583d ago
Take the hint Square Enix

Even the Japanese have had enough

Edit: The Vita outsold the Wii U, even with Super Mario 3D World's release. Didn't expect that
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Godmars290  +   583d ago
Still, not a good thing that Vita TV dipped the way it did. Would have expected it to match if not sell more than the PSV.
Blastoise  +   583d ago
Yeah the Vita TV took a bit of a nose-dive, I suppose with all the new releases this week nobody over there bothered with it.
J@D  +   583d ago
but... but... but... Lighting is super appealing over Japan. Japan and the whole world loves Lighting as the lead FF heroine! /s.

Take the hint S-E.
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   582d ago
Needs more tentacle monsters
mydyingparadiselost  +   582d ago
The same could be said for many games
Lost Tentacle Planet
Tentacles Creed
Call of Tentacle
The Tentacling Dead...
Super Mario Tentacle Land
And of course Final Tentacle Fantasy
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   582d ago
@mydyingparadiselost, the last three sound awesome... very awesome
Sevir  +   582d ago

Lmao!!! Made my morning!
J@D  +   582d ago
@ DestinyHeroDoomlord. Bubble for u my friend. It seriously made my day.
araman  +   583d ago
Budget was low for this game and they reused assets, I doubt they will take much of a hit financially on this. It will be viewed as a "success" if they so much as make a penny/yen over the development costs.
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Chrono  +   583d ago
It looks better than XIII though, but of course it won't sell more, because it is a sequel to a sequel, it's only aimed at those who finished the previous two games and liked them.
Noami  +   583d ago
Hey ppl lets release a new Mediocre final fantasy wile we had released FFXIV and we have all our fan addicted to that and see if ppl fall for it!.

They shoulda just focused on 15.
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Unreal01  +   582d ago
I might be wrong, but I believe Square have a different team working on FF15/KH3.
Noami  +   582d ago
yep they do. but they shoulda learn already to not release things to quickly at the same time of another release that did great.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   583d ago
Well SE only wanted this game to push the XIII series over 10 mil which it did. Also its a sequel.
leahcim  +   582d ago
Squenix please bring us Type-0 for Vita!
Knushwood Butt  +   582d ago
Yeah, I'd buy that. I never got around to buying the PSP version.
Hanso  +   582d ago
day 1 if it comes over
Knushwood Butt  +   582d ago
Nintendo have been advertising Mario 3D World day and night. That's a poor first week, and it didn't boost hardware much either.

Lightning Returns was a pretty poor debut too, but at the same time I can't see why that game was even made in the first place.
chikane  +   582d ago
(Quote) Lightning Returns debuts with lowest opening week of the Final Fantasy XIII saga(Quote)

Yea didn't see that coming a mile away
gamedebater  +   582d ago
I think lighting would be a great game, but it looks rather easy, not to mention you play as 1 char. so you dont get that feeling of growth. other than just costumes. the world looks great and vast but lacking any sense with plot.
N4GDgAPc  +   582d ago
Actually a reveiw i read said the game is hard. Going with a wrong strategy can make u die real quick. Said it was like that early on. But that was only one person that i read about the game and he isn't finished yet. Maybe he just sucks at games.
gamedebater  +   582d ago
dude it it gets challenging i think it will do well with the hardcore crowd. and if you please us we will breathe life back into faboola novella kronicles
Stoppokingme  +   582d ago
Lightning doesn't strike twice, let alone three times.

All this time spent on the FFXIII saga could've brought us FFXV, which could've made FFX look like FFVIII.
CLOUD1983  +   582d ago
Who didn't expect this seriously now.. this game is going to flop no brain but unfortunately although every1 else could see this only SE was blind yet again...
elda  +   582d ago
With the sales comparison it seems Japan is over the XIII saga though LR is interesting,been playing the Japanese demo.
CocoWolfie  +   582d ago
yeah from 1.5 million to 277,000 it shows people are falling off for a reason :/ personally i think even if this is amazing, its due to the previous titles which were considered not so great in mosts fans eyes..
Whxian  +   582d ago
setting is boring, gameplay is bad and gets worse rather than going back to normal turnbased. (i know some like the new action based gameplay for the upcoming game, doesnt change anything to someone who liked ff for what it used to be)

Since they are going further towards action with each iteration, i'd just wish they'd stop using the name final fantasy if they are going to kill whatever the series stood for in the first place, but i should learn to ignore the name "final fantasy"
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CLOUD1983  +   582d ago
I feel u brother that's exactly how I feel, this is not FF anymore it have nothing to do with how this series used to be, anything after FFX it's not FF for me, that's when FF's stop being turn based & interesting & start being uninspired & boring with bad stories & boring main characters & that's why the series die for me after FFX.
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gamedebater  +   582d ago
anybody have a site link for a jap review and what they said?
hollabox  +   582d ago
2nd tier home console market
GirlOnFire  +   582d ago
I get it already 13 is someone's favorite number. I like Lightning Fantasy 1 till I got 13 hours in and felt like it was repeating, ended up boring. -_-
RPG_Lover  +   582d ago
3ds is number 1 again just like i PREDICTED, Wii u will be fine
sssb  +   582d ago
I download Japanese demo it's fun to play, looks awesome and enjoyable gameplay, waiting to release in Fab 2014.
Jahbu  +   582d ago
Yeah same here! I can care less about sales as long as I'm enjoying it nothing else matters. Mario 3D World hasn't sold well in Japan yet I'm having a TON of fun with it.
Lionalliance  +   582d ago
It matters if they want to continue the franchise (in this case, please god no)
kalebninja  +   582d ago
i dont care about the sales i enjoy the series and am still excited for the last game of the xiii saga
nyobzoo  +   582d ago
I think the bigger news is that Mario 3D World sold below FFX-3 and only sold 99,588. Which is pretty low for a mario game
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Darrius Cole  +   582d ago
It did lead all other software sales though. It looks like Japan just had a bad week of sales overall.
feraldrgn  +   582d ago
Now if SE could take the hint & realise we don't want sequels, we don't want Lightning & we don't want FF13.

Get working on FF15, work on it as if it will be ONE GAME, go all out.

But unfortunately, SE will probably take this as a sign to concentrate on Always Online models, iOS & other such terrible ideas.
mt  +   582d ago
I was wishing it doesn't sell well but this is still considered well in japan, oh well.

I want SE to get slapped in the face so they could wake up , and make "Final fantasy"
iceman600  +   582d ago
consoles are dead
ZeekQuattro  +   582d ago
When it comes to Japan it would certainly seem so. Handhelds & smart phones are king over there.
ErryK  +   582d ago
"All this time spent on the FFXIII saga could've brought us FFXV" Different teams, not all the teams work on one game. Do you not know how SE works?

iceman600  +   580d ago
it not like it use to be, and the pinnacle of gaming was the ps1 nuff said.

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