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browngamer411571d ago

Even though the numbers aren't super impressive it's great to see the Wii U trending upwards for the second week in a row, it's the best selling home console in Japan right now..

_QQ_1571d ago

seeing how it was selling 2k max almost 2 months ago in japan this is certainly a good increase.

Stsonic1571d ago

I thought the general consensus was the vitaTV would sell like hot cakes?

scott1821571d ago

Hot cakes aren't selling as well as they used to, except for the fruit ones at ihop.

Whxian1571d ago

1. being sold to people who appearntly prefer handheld

2.remote play cant be used yet without ps4 being released, which will probably affect both vita and vita tv later.

3. i think the fact that not all vita games work atm is not helping in any way, they should work on increasing compatibility asap.

Stsonic1571d ago

They should allow the PS4 controller to be used as the touch screen and push in to flip to back touch pad.

ABizzel11571d ago

PS Vita has some problems, and I said it's not going to do as well in Japan as it'll do in the US / EU.

1. Japan has moved on to be a Smartphone / Handheld market

2. PS4 isn't out for Remote Play

3. It comes with a Dual Shock 3 instead of a Dual Shock 4, which could have been used for touch controls on the games that require them.

4. Only a fraction of the library works right now.

Until these things are fixed Vita TV isn't worth buying, at least in Japan.

jujubee881571d ago

Are you trying to be all sour grapes on VITA TV and people that want/like it or are you just a numbers troll? Why?

The VITA TV is a good idea. If it sells crappy that's up to Sony and the accountants to worry about. Not us, the gamers.

Stsonic1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

I am neither of what you speak. I, and many others were thinking this would be selling far more than 7k in it's second week.

I apologize if I offended you. The numbers are put out to us for speculating upon, this is all I was doing.

jujubee881571d ago

The only thinking of mine was that you offended people that took a liking the idea and promise of the device.

Well, no harm done (I suppose). Moving along now. :)

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khyu77771571d ago

PS3 – 12,436
Wii – 457
Xbox 360 – 342

good job sony

Whxian1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

at any rate all 3 numbers are quite low, people are waiting for next gen or something, but i dont think japan cares about xbox, and with wii-u still not selling optimally, it might end up with sony's console dominating anyway

Knushwood Butt1571d ago

Yep, look at the difference between those that don't abandon their hardware, and those that do.

Concertoine1571d ago

I never thought vita tv would do well. I mean the vita is a handheld and japan is crazy about those, why would it sell well as a console when its just catching on as a handheld.
Maybe better in europe and america.

PSjesus1571d ago

Can somebody tells me who keep buying 300+ X360s each week?

AWBrawler1571d ago

japanese microsoft reps lol

neogeo1571d ago

There is over 300 American's living in Japan. about 2500 so they are just replacing RROD 360's from time to time so it's about 300 per week. Also there are collectors.

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