Battlefield 4: Worth Playing?

Dan Hobbs sits down with the Xbox One version of BF4

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VENOMACR12271423d ago

When the game works, its good. When it doesn't, major pain in the ass. Game just crashes for no reason and sends you to dashboard, sound goes out when driving vehicles, and too many death when your behind cover and just die. Another issues, trying to join servers and says no commander available yet says 0/2 and I'm not even trying to join as a commander. Players take way to many bullets to die.

PsylentKiller1423d ago

I'm getting very frustrated with this game. It crashes to dashboard, it freezes, it wont let me join MP matches, I bought premium but can't play on premium maps (it takes me to a screen to buy premium even though I have it installed). This is very annoying.

Hufandpuf1423d ago

When it shines it shines, but when it just refuses to let you play, you just groan and put another game in.

Qwagy UK1423d ago

Most boring commentary have ever had the misfortune to witness

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