Details for Final Fantasy XIV, Dragon Quest X and Final Fantasy XI Cross-Promotion Event Revealed

In order to celebrate the 11th anniversary of Final Fantasy XI, Dragon Quest X‘s first anniversary and Final Fantasy XIV‘s successful launch, Square Enix has announced a huge cross-promotional event for all three games.

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ho0lee0h1338d ago

This is really neat! Glad I play FFXIV.

ajames3471338d ago

So am I, can't wait to do these quests!

MegaRay1338d ago

Cant someone tell me if ffxiv deserve the 30$ per month? Also is the eu server fixed yet

haftarun81338d ago

Far as I know all servers have been running fine for awhile now (I play on Sargantas and haven't had a problem since September), and it's $15 per month, not $30. Less if you pay for 3-month chunks.

MegaRay1338d ago

I see, thanks should try it sometime

Kyosuke_Sanada1338d ago

I hope this jump starts them to push the envelope even further with Xenogears, Chrono Cross and Vagrant Story prizes........

pivotplease1333d ago

This is really cool. It's amazing how well XI's graphics have held up after all this time. The other games don't even put it to complete shame graphically or anything.