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RSOR: Ryse: Son of Rome Review – It’s Bloody Fun (Xbox One)

RyseSonOfRome reviews Ryse: Son of Rome for the Xbox One. Ryse: Son of Rome kind of feels like it belongs in the coliseum of old that it depicts; it’s impressive, fast-paced, heavy-hitting, and exceptionally bloody. (Ryse: Son of Rome, Xbox One) 8.25/10

NatureOfLogic  +   362d ago
Lmao rysesonofrome.com

Grain of salt taken.
Kayant  +   362d ago
Still the score is kinda of low looool.
Robochobo  +   361d ago
In what world is an eight considered low? I was certain a five or six was low...
Kayant  +   361d ago

Normally 8 is great score but from a dedicated site such as this a low 8 is not great IMO.
DoctorJones  +   361d ago
It should have got 8.3. Or at least 8.27.

This score is null and void.
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curtis92  +   361d ago
They're just trying to get a Ryse out of us.
christocolus  +   361d ago

Still trolling xbox one articles and game reviews i see. Go do something or play your ps4 dude...and so you know i actually enjoyed this game.
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BallsEye  +   361d ago
Just as funny as 95% of websites here taken as source. Here on n4g anyone can slap a free blog, write one article (usually about how Xbox one sucks) and have all internet sheep gallop in and nod at all the "facts". I bet I could refresh main page and find atleast 10 of articles based on some basement writers fantasies. No one complains then so hey, lets enjoy this one too, no matter how biased it is.
timotim  +   361d ago
Its not like its the highest score the game received in a review. 8.25 is reasonable. I have the game, its fantastic.
FamilyGuy  +   361d ago
Not even worth a grain of salt, ignoring its existence complete.
aaron5829  +   361d ago
I usually tell myself I'm a 10 when i look at the mirror.

So, if i say i'm an 8.25 , i'd probably look like sh1t.
svoulis  +   361d ago
Is this really creditable as a source?

Just wondering.
raptar   361d ago | Spam
BallsEye  +   361d ago
As credible as most of articles on n4g.


Yesterday there was an article here, written on some no name site with a big @ss dualshock controller in the logo. Article was about some new xbox one problem, in short, that it's broken. It had no sources, nothing, just "we are getting reports of broken xbox ones" and hey it was over 1000 degrees on n4g with all fanboys taking it as fact. Sony themed site didn't stop anyone in believing it's true.
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JokesOnYou  +   361d ago
Funny how that works, the other trend is re - reports as if it new. lol n4g has no limits to its X1 hate tactics...fortunately the console is awesome and you're going to see as the weeks go on it pick up more steam when people show their friends and family all the misinformation they may have heard over the last few months like spying on you etc was BS.
svoulis  +   361d ago

While I agree N4G uses useless approve tactics this goes for both parties. I do agree that this site is full of blown proportions on both sides.
I wouldn't say its fair to point at one "type" of person simply because I am sure you saw how much attention broken PS4's got just as well.


I don't know who you know but I think it takes a little more then "look at what my xbox can do" to convince non-gamers to drop 500$ on it.

That being said I have both PS4 and Xbox One and both have their own strengths and weaknesses. I am at least logical enough to see that and the only thing I do is try to leave my Bias's out of this because I know how fanboys are, they need to justify themselves to prove the worth of what they own.

For you to say "X1 Hate tactics" is pretty pathetic considering as a long time user of the site this is not one sided in the slightest. It just seems to be Microsoft has more "press" coming out over garbage then Sony. By "Press" I mean stuff that is blown out of proportions.
argonaut0  +   361d ago
Yes. The writer was told to be honest in the review and the site isn't owned by or associated with Microsoft at all. The reviews do vary from site to site and writer to writer. I think your mileage will vary based on whether or not you're into that type of game.

Also, aaron5829 is a 10.
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boribori831  +   361d ago
Game was awesome .Leveling up executions is kool n nice to see on screen.play on legendary now n its really damn hard .Almost at a dark souls level.not demon souls hard lol.
staticdash22  +   361d ago
RyseSonOfRome.com ?

Lol cmon people. Don't link websites with these kind of names and expect that their reviews will actually be taken seriously. The game has a metacritic of 61....
SniperControl  +   361d ago
You should go check out Killzone:ShadowFall.com and Knack.com, they also give unbiased reviews.
Unreal01  +   361d ago
Haha this is one of the most ridiculous things I've seen. A site dedicating their name to the game they are reviewing. Christ.
from the beach  +   361d ago
Good review!
BabyTownFrolics  +   361d ago
despite the the source of this review, I think Ryse is a decent game, I give it a 7.8/10
chrissx   361d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
ricochetmg  +   361d ago
kewlkat007  +   361d ago
I think, I will enjoy this game..

Seems like people playing the game at their own pace rather enjoy it besides the rushed reviews that came out before the consoles launched.

Most have said 7.0 to 7.5 not bad whole some are more generous. This will not be the first game I consistently hack and slash the same opponents over and over..
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BabyTownFrolics  +   361d ago
N4g says you cannot enjoy this game
LordDhampire   361d ago | Trolling | show
mukiom  +   356d ago
nice stuff

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