PS Vita at $168, 3DS Bundle On Fry’s Black Friday 2013 (Full List)

Techtorial: Fry's Electronics finally revealed its full deals for gamers on Black Friday including PS Vita, 3DS, Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360 bundles with a wide selection for video games.

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MultiConsoleGamer1609d ago

Vita for $168 is an amazing deal! Buy it now!

RTheRebel1609d ago

add another $50 for those overpriced memory cards.
Ain't buying one until they lower those memory cards.

CaulkSlap1609d ago

That really is the only offensive thing about the Vita. But it's not a big deal to get the 8GB one for like $20 and delete/redownload games. Definitely best to buy physical and only download the free PS+ games and any PSOne classics only.

schlanz1608d ago

I have a feeling Amazon will have the Vita at $150 at some point over the holidays.

CaulkSlap1609d ago

Dammit that Nvidia Shield for $40 is a misprint. Would definitely jump on that for that price.