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'Star Citizen' Crowdfunding Crosses $33 Million Mark

In a matter of days, the record-breaking crowdfunding campaign for the epic space sim ‘Star Citzien’ goes from $30 million to $33 million while celebrating its anniversary. (PC, Star Citizen)

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Pandamobile  +   239d ago
They seem to be increasing their cashflow at an exponential rate. The milestones are getting bigger, so they're receiving more coverage from places, generating more interest and more funding.
Xristo  +   239d ago
Also, what people do not understand is that backers are buying MULTIPLE ships and packages. Like, daily! Since they have Life-Time Insurance (LTI) on select ships from pledging, RSI has been offering ships with LTI to them. One offer just ended today. They cannot control their spending! Just genius!
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no_more_heroes  +   239d ago
Wow, so many funding records broken.

It would be a shame if...

...the game ended up being bad...

General Shrooms  +   239d ago
Funding a game before it's release is an investment, and all investments have their risks.

However, with Chris and his team's background and credentials, the risk seems to be minimal.
Trunkz Jr  +   239d ago
This is my I own an Idris-P :)
younglj01  +   239d ago
I want to support this game so much,but not announcing an PS4 version is only thing stopping me.I know that this game was made as an PC exclusive but the PS4 being similar to an PC.Hopefully with them having PS4s will give them the chance to atleast test run it on the hardware.

If this don't come to the PS4 I'm going to be so jealous...
Godmars290  +   239d ago
Give it a year or two.

At the very least it'll inspire a knock-off.
Trunkz Jr  +   239d ago

Read and enjoy, the same answer he gives for PS4 is the same many other games get and never come of it - there are no plans. Even with 33 million, there are no plans. Odds are, you will not see this on the new consoles.

Plus side is that this game doesn't come out for another year or more, and by then you would have enough to get a computer that can run this on Med with high FPS at a cheap cost.
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NatureOfLogic  +   238d ago
You seem to be nitpicking information from the link. He's says it'll be tough to get it on PS4 and X1, but didn't rule them out. He even acknowledged Sony indie push and said he'd bring it if he got what he wanted. Which is, open to update freely and Cross platform play(PC and PS4). He also mentioned controls, but PS4 can use mouse and keyboard. He definitely didn't rule out next gen port like you seem to imply. He even mentioned port and said it would be exactly that. I read the whole thing, not just the part that excites the pc master race.

PC gamers are the ones hoping It stays exclusive. If next gen consoles sell well, It'll come and I doubt It'll be "watered down" like some are saying. PS4 is better than your average PC gaming rig ffs.
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Saviour  +   238d ago
@NatureOfLogic : it's funded by PC gamers, he not going to dumb down it so console can play. theres no chance of releasing console with pc. but maybe they will later release a downgraded version for consoles.
Maxor  +   238d ago
They already made a statement about their console plans. According to Chris Roberts the consoles are too under powered for this game.
younglj01  +   238d ago
Lol 7 disagrees and I want to play and support the title,I really don't understand the mindset of some people on this site.
SouLosT  +   238d ago
A game like Star Citizen has scope which even the PS4 would have problems grasping.

Seriously, a console isn't a choice platform for this type of title.
dcj0524  +   238d ago
@Sou even so, it can still run most likely. I'd even settle for 720p 30fps.I just want I on PS4. Whats so taboo about that?
SouLosT  +   238d ago

It's taboo because releasing on console would restrict the developers in more ways than one.

They'd have to learn/optimize and build around the PS4. There would be cuts and it would cost plenty of money. It would spread the development team thin, and then there's marketing.

This game is already a guaranteed success on PC, just look at how many people have contributed. Working on PC means no compromises and a guaranteed fan-base.
TehBAT  +   238d ago
To be fair this was funded by PC gamers to make it on PC, not by anyone else
Gabenbrah  +   239d ago
And they say PC gamers only Pirate and Torrent games. Give me a call when console gamers fund a developer 30+ million dollars.
T2  +   239d ago
They don't need to as long as games like gta5 prove you can spend massive money and turn a profit... this budget is peanuts compared to gta, though impressive for kickstarter
Gabenbrah  +   239d ago
Just because a game has a huge budget doesn't mean it's good. Halo 4 and AC3 had massive budgets and both those games were garbage. $30 million is more than enough. Metro Last Light was made with hardly any money and was one of the best games of the year.
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T2  +   238d ago
You are right about that but the article is about how much money has been raised... if it's more than enough then great!
WeAreLegion  +   238d ago
Most hardcore gamers game on both PC and consoles.
tigertron  +   238d ago
Who's to say many aren't console gamers?
Gabenbrah  +   238d ago
Why would a console gamer fund a PC exclusive?
tigertron  +   238d ago
People don't just own consoles or PCs you know. Many people have both.
FragMnTagM  +   238d ago
I mainly game on my PC lately. That is until I get a PS4 and XBOX One. I have funded this game and cannot wait to play it.
Godmars290  +   239d ago
is there anyway this game is going to live up to expectations?

People are going to be picking it apart, focusing and magnifying each and every flaw day one with no consideration that it will be day one.
porkChop  +   239d ago
No chance of living up to the expectations. With this high of a budget and such a large amount of hype, gamers will be expecting perfection, and rightfully so since they're the ones funding the development.
Trunkz Jr  +   239d ago
They aren't tied down by a large corp. like EA to push the game out, thus they can spend all the time they want fixing bugs and polishing it until it's the way gamers feel it should be. With $33 million they can hire more team members to get this done at a faster pace.

Battlefield 4 on the other hand... was pushed out too early to beat CoD to the punch, thus many problems are still to be fixed.... (even tho it's still a fun game).
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General Shrooms  +   239d ago
There is no day one. The game is being released in bits, with each bit being iterated upon using player feedback.
Pandamobile  +   238d ago
This game is going to be in development for the next 8-10 years. When you make a game like Star Citizen, it's not going to be done when they ship it. It'll continue to get better, deeper, have a stronger community until it inevitably fizzles out or jumps the shark.

And just to be clear, this is not going to be a game with mass appeal. This is a niche game with a niche market that is being funded entirely by the people who want to play it.
Failcube  +   238d ago
Or $33 million dollar question...
Failcube  +   238d ago
That's the million dollar question.
Anna9x9   239d ago | Spam
wishingW3L  +   238d ago
for their own good this game better be good if not there will be a legion of raging nerds and there will be blood.
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Spinal  +   238d ago
Yeah nose bleeds from all the raging Loool.
ALICE666  +   238d ago
Isn't there still like another year til release? 33 million is pretty impressive. Who wants to bet it be around 70-80 million by release? They havent even sold the big items like destroyers and battlecruisers yet...
modesign  +   238d ago
i find it odd that a space sims/ MMO's can get publisher funding and development, but star citizens has to resort to kickstarter, im gonna go on a limb and say publishers did not like the concept, the direction or the lack of a storyline.

still skeptical about this.
GameRant  +   238d ago
Nope, the point is that they don't want to work with a publisher. They had their own third-party investors but fans supported it enough so they don't need them.

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