Need for Speed: Rivals frame rate fix, easily get 60fps on PC

Need for Speed: Rivals frame rate fix, easily get 60fps on PC!

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ATiElite1516d ago

well now that was quick but it should never had been an issue.

yewles11516d ago

Is it really a fix when it goes against what the devs intended?

despair1516d ago

Yes because framerate limiting like this is not something to be condoned. It's just lazy porting not "as the devs intended".

MidnytRain1516d ago

The devs intended a 30fps cap? Lol, that's fkin ridiculous...

fenome1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Well they are the ones who implemented the 30fps lock, even on PC, and yes it is fkin ridiculous..

Luckily people have found a work around, but the devs should've had this available without making people resort to "work arounds"

fenome1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )


Nevermind, thought this was the one that doubled the speed of the game and glitched it out.. carry on..

NarooN1516d ago

Not to mention, the devs themselves lied their asses off. I remember a recent interview right before the game launched, they said there would be no fps cap on the PC version.

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NaAsAr1516d ago

Found this out a couple of days ago. Makes a big difference in playability and was the sole reason for me making the purchase on pc.

specialguest1516d ago

One of the advantages of pc gaming. There's always someone within the community who has the smarts and drive to do wonders with certain games that need a fix. When From Software didn't have the time to fix Dark Souls PC render resolution, the community fixed it themselves. NFS devs too lazy to enable 60fps, the community found a fix.

starchild1516d ago

Exactly. On consoles you're stuck with whatever they give you.

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