Call of Duty: Ghosts PS3 Patch 1.05, PS4 Patch 1.07 Out Now; Here’s the Patch Notes

Infinity Ward has continued to work on improving Call of Duty: Ghosts, and that has resulted in the release of patch 1.05 for the PlayStation 3 version of the game and patch 1.07 for the PlayStation 4 version today. - PSLS

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WilliamH1636d ago

The game is out 3 weeks and is already on it's 5th ps3 patch. Good lord

KingWookiee1636d ago

Are you really complaining about a company releasing patches to fix issues? Better than Dices way of doing it. They only patch when DLC comes out and the patch is huge.

duff9161636d ago

The Ghosts patch is larger than the BF4 patch.

KingWookiee1636d ago

@duff916: wait for the patches with the DLC, thats when Dice fixes all of there bugs that should have been ironed out when they did the beta.

MRMagoo1231636d ago

Kinda makes no sense at all to complain about patches, you would rather they left the game without them ? Im sure then you would complain that they never patch things lmao, infinity ward must feel like they cant win one way or the other, kinda like blizzard with wow , no matter what they change someones complains then they change it back someone else complains.

Comnnsence1636d ago

How many patches does it takes to get it right? Matter of fact, why release an unfinished game without proper beta testing first? Are the public guinea pigs?

2pacalypsenow1636d ago

It's a multiplayer game you idiots it's never perfect MMOs get updated every day .

Cryptcuzz1636d ago

Man, I feel like some people will complain just to find something to complain about sometimes.

I am glad they released this patch and any other patch that will come with this game or any game I own.

2pacalypsenow1636d ago

seriously Fallout and elder scroll games are top 10 in glitches yet everyone claims those games epic and Bethesda is epic but the COD gets a patch everyone swarms and calls it a horrible game..

Double standards much?

MRMagoo1231636d ago

exactly, its basically a lose/lose for them , they patch the game they get complaints, they dont patch the game they get complaints. Yet skyrim and fallout where massively buggy , they get game of the year lol.

SynestheticRoar1636d ago

Patch and patch and patch and patch and patch. Oh guess what and patch. LOL GTFO OF HERE.