New Killzone Mercenary Updates Coming, Free Multiplayer Maps

Mark Green // Senior Producer, Guerrilla Cambridge writes: Hi Everyone. Amongst all the excitement for the launch of PS4 and, of course, Killzone Shadowfall, here at Guerrilla Cambridge we’ve still been busily working away on Killzone Mercenary. We’re now very pleased to announce that there will be a number of updates coming over the next few months.

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PoSTedUP1455d ago

guerrilla cambridge is killing it. : D haven't played in a good 2 weeks but the MP is so good and addicting. free MP maps, oh man, thats some really great news. thanks you!

Rob72741455d ago

I haven't played in even longer but the game is amazing and shows what the Vita is capable of. Really glad there supporting it and I'll certainly get back into it in time for the new maps!

dedicatedtogamers1452d ago

Glad to hear they're adding Bot support to play the multiplayer maps. I always liked that about the Killzone games. :)

PoSTedUP1452d ago

yeah, KZ1 was so good split screen MP with the bots. im liking KZM MP better than KZ2's, i think bots will really put it over the top.

Cloudberry1455d ago

"Also in the first few months of 2014 will be Update 6, in which we’re working towards continued refinements and adding support for playing Killzone Mercenary on Vita TV."

I hope for Dualshock 4 compatible too.

Ced2141455d ago

They really gave it away :)) No complaints here though!
Keep the vita love commin.

GdaTyler1455d ago

Wait, wait, wait. Killzone Mercenary on Vita TV. I would love that so much! So does that mean that we'll get a Vita TV western release early next year???

GdaTyler1455d ago

UPDATE: No confirmation of US launch for Vita TV yet as they put "(only applicable to territories where Vita TV is available)"

Well I'm really happy for those new maps!! ^_^

TheLastGuardian1455d ago

I doubt Guerrilla Cambridge are making this game Vita TV compatible just for Japan.

Can't wait for the new maps.

porkChop1455d ago

"Following that is the big one: Update 5. Two new multiplayer maps for FREE, and the release of offline Botzone for Mercenary and Guerrilla Warfare modes."

Oh sweet, offline multiplayer for on the go.

TheDivine1455d ago

Oh man they're fixing my major gripe with this game. Bots one has always been a series staple and I prefer it to unwind without pressure. Thanks GG!

staticdash221455d ago

Does anyone else see Blood Gracht and Tharsis Depot in thew new maps? XD

One of them just screams blood gracht, one of my favorite maps. Probably just inspired by them.

SonyStyled1455d ago

i identified both of them as tharsis and blood gracht

shammgod1455d ago

I still need to buy this. I am hoping to score a Black Friday deal.

On an unrelated note, I don't believe my phone capitalizes Black Friday automatically. You are part of the problem iPhone, you're part of the problem...

SonyStyled1455d ago

i believe gamestop has it for $20 new on friday only

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The story is too old to be commented.