GameFly Thanksgiving Sale 2013

Karam Elahi reports from SpawnFirst: "GameFly is at it again. For their Thanksgiving/Black Friday extravaganza, they’ll be taking $5 off each used game that you decide to purchase, or keep from your game queue. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me. Make sure you get in on this sale, as it ends on Monday, December 2nd, 2013."

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sashimi1427d ago

suppose to have free shipping? cuz shipping cost is showing up for the most basic option

ScubaSteve11427d ago

its free shipping for gamefly members. the 5 dollar off coupon replaces the free shipping

sashimi1427d ago

ahh i see, thanks. first time looking at gamefly so i didn't know how it worked.

RiPPn1427d ago

Pretty good deal, wish I could stack it with the $5 coupon I already have.

karamsoul1427d ago

You can. I already did :)

RiPPn1427d ago

You're right it does stack, I just didn't go to the final checkout screen. Thanks for the heads up!