Playstation Brazil posted picture of Crash Bandicoot, hinting on the franchise's return

Playstation Brazil recently posted a picture of Crash Bandicoot on Twitter with the headline saying "Crash Bandicoot wants a hug!"

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Crossbones1668d ago

Uh Oh. So they did lie. I bet you Sony did buy the Ip and Activision lied because they were probably still processing everything with Sony.

abzdine1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

You know even if i'm highly excited for a Crash return i think the garbage media will still say "ohh it's old fashion do we really need it" just because it's not COD.

We have had amazing platformers on PS3 (Sly, Puppeteer..) and none of these sold much unfortunately just because the media has garbage opinions and they didn't do anything to make people wanna buy and try these games.

that was my rant of the day.

Zefros1668d ago

Heard about Tearaway? looks amazing!

Crossbones1668d ago

It really is sad. I hope Sony continues to support plenty of platformers for the PS4 & PS Vita regardless of the reviewers and the media.

Majin-vegeta1668d ago

Shall i get the mob with torches and picks ready??

To hell with garbage media are best bet is too spread the word and hopefully it picks up steam.

abzdine1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

i bought all ratchet games this gen and even the shitty ones (A4O and Q force), Sly: Thieves in Time and Collection, Jak Trilogy, Puppeteer, Tearaway because i support and love this genre.

If not many people have bought Sly Trilogy no way we would have had Sly: Thieves in Time.
If you wanna keep seeing platformers WE gamers need to support them before it's too late.

Ares84HU1668d ago

You are right! The problem is that the younger generation doesn't even what what a Crash Bandicoot is. All they know is CoD, Gears of War and Halo. To them, if there is no mass murder and tons of guns, it's not even a game. Sad but true.

To the author:

Don't toy with my emotions!! Crash Bandicoot is one of my favorite games of all time. I've been dreaming of it's return ever since Sony sold it to Activision. If Sony did buy it back and they are making a new one than I will be very, very happy. I would even pay $200 for a new Crash game. That's how much I miss it.

curtis921668d ago

I see what you're saying abzdine but I think it's the opposite. I think Knack got hit hard because there was no nostalgia tied to it. I think a new Crash game will benefit from nostalgia and people will be more open to it.

abzdine1668d ago

you say Knack had no nostalgia tied to it, no reason for not buying it in my opinion.
In the opposite way if we consider Sly or Ratchet there is a big nostalgia but people still keep away from them.

I really hope Crash is happening, but if it happens i hope people will realize that we need more of them and i don't only wanna see one episode and then no more because there is no market for this genre anymore.

I don't buy COD, i dont buy Battlefield i prefer to support nice refreshing fun titles that put a smile on my face everytime i hear the music or pick the controller to play it.
I am so much looking forward to Knack co-op it seems like old days are back finally!!!

inveni01668d ago

If it comes out as good as Knack, I'll be thrilled.

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sinncross1668d ago

why not wait until it is actually confirmed before you get upset if Sony didnt buy the IP.

yeah signs point towards it, but nothing is concrete atm.

Crossbones1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

I Gotta Believe!!!

-Parappa The Rappa

1668d ago
CocoWolfie1668d ago

no doubt, fans have been screaming at sony for his comeback, my guess if they havent theyre going to, or theyre under embargo or how ever it goes down to whatever date they specified :') its the official playstation brazil so ;)

-Foxtrot1668d ago

Hell they could of bought it a while ago, they might have a game in production now and Sony simply told them not to say anything.

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Majin-vegeta1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

I bet its one big ploy of Sony.They want us to think that Activision still owns it so they can surprise with a trailer at the VGA's.

*Screen is dark the words "I'm finally home"appear out of the darkess.Then we all hear that famous Crash Bandicoot noise.

Unreal011668d ago

What is the Crash Bandicoot noise?

For some reason, when I think of Crash I think of "Fasten your seatbelt, for another Naughty Dog creation!" from CTR :)

TheFallenAngel1668d ago

I'm thinking the same and they even convinced Activision to play along. If its not true then it sucks.

Name Last Name1668d ago

When I think of Crash the sound he makes while spinning comes to mind.

Honest_gamer1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

This is great

Totally of topic but I really need help, best mates xbox one won't work (got it yesterday from game) worked amazing yesterday loved dead rising, but u turn it on it beeps, and the power brick light goes white, amber, of.

Is their a fix for this? Launch stuff always has issues but this is a joke, anyone knows let me know please thanks :)

He is taking it back to game but I'd still like an answer for future

Thehyph1668d ago

I haven't heard of any unofficial fixes for an issue like this.

Maybe try tweeting @xboxsupport ?

MegaRay1668d ago

Crash is sony game. Youre asking Sony's fans how to fix your xbox one? Ok ill tell you, go to the bathroom and through your xone on the toilet come after an hour and the thing should work.

Honest_gamer1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Comment clearly wasn't directed at fanboys but gamers who have both console and going by this site sony fans hknow more about the errors of the xbox one than te Xbox one fans so ur point is totally Irrelevant even more so when every sony fanboy here screams that the xbox fans is on their articles and posts stuff so would make sense to post that here, where according to the sony fans this is exactly where the xbox fans would be? Dam that was a moth full

maddskull1668d ago

i am sorry to tell you that not all gamers have both because not all can afford both of the consoles

r211668d ago


SpiralTear1668d ago

That series should be revived too.

breakpad1668d ago


TheLostCause1668d ago

I just wanna get high off the wumpa juice.

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