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Xbox One vs. PS4: Which Console Is Selling Better?

Nov. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News’ Cliff Edwards breaks down the opening day sales of Microsoft’s Xbox One, which shipped one million consoles in the first 24 hours, and the increasing competition in the home gaming market. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Microsoft, PS4, Sony, Xbox One)

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badboy776  +   522d ago
PS4 easily.
forcefullpower  +   521d ago
Pretty much PS4 is going to sell a LOT. Was actually a good interview as the guys seems to really know what he was talking about.
avengers1978  +   521d ago
He starts by talking about supply... Well PS4 is sold out as in no one is reporting them being available, in the mean time there are lots of reports of XB1 on store shelves, including day one editions. I don't think supply is the issue.
I'm pretty sure PS4 would have sold 2 million if they had them actually available right now.
It will be interesting to see PS4 numbers from Europe
Ko_Uraki  +   522d ago
It is interesting that according to IGN there are more players online on BF4 for One. So maybe PS4 is selling more, but xbox owners buy and play more games.
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AceofStaves  +   522d ago
You could make the case that more XB1 owners bought BF4, but you can't make a generalization XB1 owners buy and play more games from that one example.
Reverent  +   522d ago
I know plenty of PS4 owners who haven't bought a single game yet. They're passing the time with Warframe and Blacklight until January when more games come out.

That's the way I see it. As of this current time, there is less reason to need to actually buy a game to be able to enjoy what the PS4 offers.
oof46  +   522d ago
Well, Bf3 sold more on 360 than ps3, so it would make sense that there are more Bf4 players online on the One than ps4.

Also, you have to take in account that a lot of ps4 players probably bought the game, but are waiting until all they can actually play 64 player conquest consistently without crashes.
dcj0524  +   522d ago
To be fairvthe amount of hours played on BF3 goes like this:1.PS3
oof46  +   522d ago
@dcj0524: Link, please?
Thomaticus  +   522d ago
That's a good point. I have BF4for ps4 and I haven't even opened. I was waiting for issues to be fixed.
oof46  +   522d ago
Thomaticus: Yes, I am a Battlefield fan as well, and the problems are well documented. But, apparently saying anything that puts the ps4 in a bad light will get me a ton of disagrees. :)
parentoftheyear  +   522d ago
No. I think it's cause people are sick of cod and xb1 doesn't have any other shooters available. Whereas the ps4 has kz giving ps4 owners another option.
testerg35  +   522d ago
I thought COD is the best selling PS4 game so far?
Reverent  +   522d ago
@tester, a lot of people who bought Ghosts were disappointed, so they play other games instead. Just because you buy the game doesn't mean it has to be the ONLY game you play.
Master-H  +   522d ago
Maybe JUST maybe because the One is out across the US and Europe, while the ps4 is only out in the US atm, therefore it is logical that there are more players online on BF4 ?? have you thought of that ??
Reverent  +   522d ago
How anyone could disagree with you is beyond me. That could literally be considered fact.
Valkron1  +   522d ago
Wait a second. How the heck did you figure that one out? So there are 1.2 million PS4's sold in the U.S and Canada, and just barely 1 million claimed to be sold world wide with many sitting on store shelves. Well, isn't that still more PS4s sold period? So how is it logical that there are more players online for XB1 than PS4? Shouldn't they have as many or more playing online? Ever thought of that? :/
BTBuck1  +   522d ago
I haven't gotten a chance to go online with BF4 yet, I think PS players play through the campaigns first then jump online, xboners just play online mainly. I'm still campaigning through KZ, just finished ghosts today and am about 90% through BF4, I'm also leveling up my Porsche in NFS and havebt even had a chance to crack open knack because super Mario 3D world took the platformer spot for now on my wiiU. Point is, I'll be MP'ing soon just too busy with so much great content, so maybe others are too?
Bigpappy  +   522d ago
I don't think they like your comment. Better apologize.
MatrixxGT  +   522d ago
Possibly because bf4 has MP issues on ps4? I have bf4 and havent been able to get into a conquest match since launch. So I said F it and ive been absorbed into AC4 at the moment.
Omegasyde  +   522d ago
Yep and Ps4 has 4 major first person shooters too.
Bf4, COD4 version 9294318, Killzone 4, and Black Light.

More choices mean more people spread out.
ChozenWoan  +   522d ago
dont forget the Free to Play games such as Warframe and DC Universe online.
tagan8tr  +   522d ago
I'd say the XB1 online players are spread between COD and Bf4. PS4 online players are spread across COD,Bf4,and KZ. I just realized seems like PS4 has more fps online games available than XB1 what is this opposite day..
Rayansaki  +   522d ago
BF4 is the only good multiplayer shooter on the One. PS4 has 2 others in Killzone and Blacklight.
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Clarence  +   522d ago
Or perhaps people are playing KZ SF, COD, and BF4.
DevilishSix  +   522d ago
Exactly Reverant! I got my PS4 at launch with AC4 and Killzone and downloaded my free copies of Resogun and Warframe. I have touched nothing but Warframe since. It is such an addicting game and awesome co-op fun. So much to do and collect. You can support the developers by purchasing platinum or not. It's the gamers choice.
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_FantasmA_  +   521d ago
Or it could be that they are on COD :(, Killzone :), or Blacklight, Warframe, etc. There are five shooters on the PS4 already. Imagine that.
Codey47  +   522d ago
Why oh Why, do websites insist on videos.
Do the presenters like the sound of their own voices so much that they feel the need to infect the masses...... like an aggressive disease.

Good old text format on one page would suffice!
MRMagoo123  +   522d ago
Maybe they dont like how things written down from interviews can be up to the interpretation of the interviewer , a video more clearly gets the points across without ppl having to read into it.

Plus we have tvs now ppl cant be arsed reading newspapers much any more.
SynestheticRoar  +   522d ago
quinten488  +   522d ago
Is that a serious question?
KingDadXVI  +   522d ago
Well, I thought it was just bloggers and reporters having poor typing skills but apparently vocal communication in English is in the shitter too.

It is fairly obvious that this guy and gal have absolutely no clue what the hell they are talking about. Just a couple of really poorly educated journalists given a topic to make an interview out of. Rather disappointing.

It was also pretty clear that neither of them knew a damn thing about digital electronics either. Her saying they had years to get ready, they only finalized the design of the thing this past summer. You can't start manufacture until then. Then he goes on to say everything is off the shelf except for the Kinect. How about the SoC or the PCB. You don't find them laying on a shelf.

Please, please, please if you are going to talk about this stuff have at least a clue what you are talking about. If you put a PS4 and Xbox One in front of them without any identifying labels on them they probably would not know which one was which. Hell he even called North America a country.

I could butcher a chicken and read the entrails and get more reliable information. Simply pathetic.
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Qrphe  +   522d ago
It's gonna get worse once the PS4 goes on sale in Europe
Goku781  +   522d ago
The one you can't find in stores, PS4.
B1663r  +   522d ago
You can't find the PS4 in stores because Sony has quietly recalled all the unsold consoles until they figure out what is causing the Blinkin Blue Light of Death.

Not because they are selling though...
Codey47  +   522d ago
Keep telling yourself that and you might actually believe it.

A recall means just that....meaning the warehouses that control the distribution would be free of all the PS4's in their possession...which I can tell you, that isn't the case.
awesomeperson  +   522d ago
Think about what you just wrote. Think about it.

Imagine all the people involved in such a recall, especially with an issue as prevalent as new hardware launches. Do you not think that just one or two of those people would have leaked that information?

Stop letting your fanboyism make you stupid.
MatrixxGT  +   522d ago
C'MON you should know you need to put /s at the end of your post.
Xer0_SiN  +   522d ago
this dude! watching too much miley cyrus music videos. delusional! just stop.
SLUG  +   521d ago
i did not get ps4 because of this my friend had 3 ps4 and all had a red light of death so i told him to buy a xbox one and he's happy with it xbox one will win
Relientk77  +   522d ago
PS4, duh lol
GamersHeaven  +   522d ago
The one that focuses and plays games at native 1080p resolution
dkgshiz  +   522d ago
PS4 obviously. It was only released in North America while the Xbone was released worldwide. They both sold 1 million. Do the math.
GodofPlaystation  +   522d ago
We have to keep in mind folks in the UK alone love Playstation, some real loyal gamers in that area.
DialgaMarine  +   522d ago
We already know that the PS4 has sold more units in less than a sixth of the countries (M$'s strongest countries no less), so as soon as it comes out in Sony's stronger regions (pretty much the rest of the world), the XBone is fucked.
S2Killinit  +   522d ago
this friday, right now we have more left over xbone's in the U.S. you are more likely to find a xbox in the shelves than you are to find a PS4. that means that if Sony actually has units to sell for Europe and elsewhere, they should be selling a lot more systems than xbox come this christmas.
assdan  +   522d ago
Unless the ps4 sells less than 250k in Europe this friday, the PS4 is doing far better.
esemce  +   522d ago
Yes then they should start counting sales, we all know that the PS4 will sell very well on and after the 29th.

Then later Japan and Asia and we all know how well the Xbone will sell there.
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mochachino  +   522d ago
Probably PS4 but it doesn't matter.

MS built xone to profit from Live subscriptions then eventually profit from subsidized consoles hardware, then games. MS would probably be happy if xone became media box first games machine second as long as everyone has one and everyone is paying for Live. But, and I hope publishers realize, the people buying it for media functionality won't buy nearly as many games.

Sony built PS4 to profit from PSN subscriptions and game royalties, and media is a distant third.

Smart publishers should start supporting Sony as their focus is selling games and the people buying it aren't buying it for TV watching, they're buying it to buy games.
#17 (Edited 522d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
assdan  +   521d ago
So you're saying you're glad MS is ruining gaming?
mochachino  +   521d ago
No I'm saying that gamers would probably be off choosing PS4, PS4 will probably sell more games, and publishers should recognize that.
Flames76  +   522d ago
Microsoft just cant get enough consoles out to people the demand is to high.I know at my walmart store they have 3 PS4s on the shelf so everyone who wants one has one when it comes to the hardcore base.Im sure there might be a few whos waiting to pick one up
thekhurg  +   522d ago
SLUG  +   521d ago
yeah tell me about it
ShinnokDrako  +   522d ago
PS4, no doubt.
Mister_G  +   522d ago
Ask again next week when both are available in EU too :)
SLUG  +   521d ago
i got the best gaming console xbox one and waiting for the new games of 2014 like titanfall
SpinalRemains138  +   521d ago
The machine that is more powerful, cheaper, smaller and breaking records.
PSNrandom15  +   521d ago
RU-SIX  +   521d ago
Not again!

Wait for the launch already. Boring...
Shakengandulf  +   521d ago
Ps4 would be selling even better if it had more stock.
nzbleach  +   521d ago
I wish midnight will hurry up for the PS4 midnight launch in New Zealand. :)

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