100 Dollar Xbox 360 on Black Friday 2013 To Rival Walmart

Techtorial: Aside from Walmart, RC Willey will offer a Xbox 360 console with wireless controller for $100 including PS3 250GB Holiday bundle and other video game deals.

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WeAreLegion1820d ago

I feel like Walmart could beat a 100 dollar Xbox 360 in a fight.

Software_Lover1820d ago

I need a new ps3, but I'm debating on spending the money on

360 games
A new ps3 of course
Or a next Gen console.

So many decisions

TedCruzsTaint1820d ago

I am grabbing the $200 PS3 deal. 250 gig and bundled with the Last of Us and Arkham Origins.
Not sure if you already own those games, but that is a really good deal for the price.

Software_Lover1819d ago

That is a great deal. I might jump on it to be honest. So much life left this gen. So many games I havent played.

kreate1819d ago

Better than the 12GB ps3