Xbox one vs PS4 side by side comparison

IGN:We take a closer look at the sleek design of the next gen consoles.

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gamesR4fun1455d ago

wow side by side by side

how did ms make such a big box and still have ta include a powerbrick?

Deividas1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

I think because the Xbox One is more of a Media Hub than just a sole game console, it is designed to be on all the time for watching TV and stuff. And due to the powerbrick producing a lot of heat, they would rather have it out and have the whole unit stay a little bit cooler than just put it in and have heat issue worries.

Though not aesthetically pleasing or convenient at all, I would say its a smart move.

PSX041455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

ps4 are smaller with included power brick ... in the other hand xbone bigger and external power brick ... but this is not all things, what about the controller ???? it's still haven't an included battery ... Microsoft giving us 80's machine

gamesR4fun1454d ago

yeh the machine from 1984 lol

I've had people tell me they won't buy the xbone because of the nsa usa police state mind ya they are all still on the internets.

Evilsnuggle1455d ago Show
Bathyj1455d ago

I finally saw an Xbone. Its not as big as I'd imagined it.

The PS4 must be tiny.

DJ1455d ago

Yeah the Xbox One is about the same size as the original Xbox 1. PS4 is even smaller than the PS3 slim!

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1455d ago

Not really much to say here. The ps4 (despite having a built in power brick), is smaller, more powerful, easier to develop for, and less expensive. Not trying to spark a war here but the truth is that the ps4 is just a better machine...

Sony_Fan1455d ago

both can't do BF4 at 1080P? sigh another sub hd generation...

DJ1455d ago

Launch titles are usually a little low on framerate, resolution, etc. Most PS3 games were sub-720p at launch. Same with 360.

MasterCornholio1454d ago

Well at least that's the only game that's at 900P on the PS4. The Xbox One on the other hand has a lot of sub HD games.

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