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Gamedaily: Why GTA IV Belongs on Wii

Gamedaily writes: "Xbox 360 and PS3 players don't get it. Here's why Rockstar's crime opus belongs on Nintendo's console:

1) Because we don't care about online play

Online gaming is a cesspool for racists, pedophiles and other scumbags that don't deserve our company. Not to mention, Microsoft can't even get Xbox Live to work for more than a month, so there's no reason to play GTA IV online. Enough with the lag and the morons. We're all about the single player campaign.

2) Because Mario will somehow work his way into Liberty City

Rockstar is a powerful force in the video game business, but Nintendo could crush it with a single digital pinky. Not even the GTA peeps could withstand the repeated demands to include Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach as unlockable characters, and the thought of cruising the streets as everyone's favorite plumber has us absolutely tickled." (Grand Theft Auto IV, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

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Harry190  +   2767d ago
One sensible thing Chris Buffa wrote:
Because Wii need better games damnit

Defending the Wii's catalog of quality video games is like trying to defend a murderer when the prosecution has his DNA, multiple eyewitnesses, video, the suspect's diary and a jury comprised of his victims' relatives. Mario Kart looks OK, but we played it 10 years ago on Nintendo 64. Nintendo needs to stop giving us recycled oldies and help get Rockstar to deliver one mega AAA experience.
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VaeVictus  +   2767d ago
support this comment.
ItsDubC  +   2767d ago
Interesting. I don't remember MK64 having online play, worldwide leader boards, bikes, tricks, GCN tracks, Wii Wheel support, 480p, etc.

Obviously I'm being facetious, but it's become so cliché to ignore the new features in Nintendo games for the sake of calling them rehashes but at the same time get hyped over the next FPS, the 13th Final Fantasy, the 134618th Street Fighter, the 9th GTA, etc.

Double standards = bad
ScottEFresh  +   2767d ago
Nintendo officially LOST the hardcore gamer.
TruthbeTold  +   2767d ago
Ha ha...
Seriously. This very story is about Grand Theft Auto 4. Number 4 in the series. Fanboys are ridiculous hypocrites sometimes.

"Why do you want to play a 3rd incarnation of Smash Bros, 5th of Mario Kart, 10th of Zelda, or 12th of Mario? I'm waiting on Final Fantasy 13, MGS4, GT5, GTA4, etc."

It's beyond laughable. If it's been said once, it's been said a thousand times. If you personally don't like something, or are tired of it then move on and be happy wherever you will be happy. But don't hate, and don't be a hypocrite.
VaeVictus  +   2767d ago
Only problem is
that the other consoles have excellent 3rd party support. Nintendo has...Mario, Zelda, Metroid etc etc etc. Sure, those titles aren't terrible, but at some point something else would be nice. Nintendo's 3rd party titles = teh fail. Sure they have a rehash of RE4, but come on, that's no basis for arguing to the contrary.
BrotherNick  +   2766d ago
I don't think nintendo cares that they lost you, they're making more money on the other side of the fence.
gaffyh  +   2766d ago
If somebody believes what this guy has written, that person is a turd. The Wii is not good enough in terms of hardware, sure GTA4 could go to wii but it would look crap, and I don't think many people would buy it.
BobDog  +   2766d ago
its a joke u tard
Vip3r  +   2767d ago
Just when you though gamedaily couldn't get any worse, they just did.
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MURKERR  +   2767d ago
and jerking the sixaxis controller to reload is surprisingly good but controlling the helicopter with sixaxis is amazing

finally the sixaxis has been put to good use
Monchichi025  +   2767d ago
This is by far one of the DUMBEST stories ever to come across N4G! And that's saying a lot cuz everyday we see some dumb articles submitted.
yesah  +   2767d ago
one of the first wii-fanboy articles ive seen
alot of that stuff was complete BS

its like he couldn't find any valid points, so hes spewing up crap that makes absolutely no sense, this guy is a moron.
Stubacca  +   2767d ago
People will say anything!
Come on, it's a stupid article. It's obviously just designed for people to read it and get all emotional. The wii is a sickness that has engulfed the world but will die shortly.

THUNDERMARE  +   2766d ago
I think the author meant this article to be more of a comedic rather than a real interpretation of his thought, all in all, I think he just trying to be funny and sarcastic.
BobDog  +   2766d ago
of course hes trying to be funny, i thought it was,

but these little girls and boys cannot comprehend sarcasm
TheExecutive  +   2767d ago
lol @ the Wii. I have one and dont get me wrong, they are fun with groups of people, but GTA4 doesnt belong anywhere near the Wii. Its like apples and oranges.
BeaArthur  +   2767d ago
Exactly, it's fun to play with my girlfriend but it could not handle a game like GTA 4.
EZCheez  +   2767d ago
GTA3 could do well on the Wii
Not GTA4. In fact if they tried to release GTA4 on the Wii, it would probably look just like GTA3 graphics wise.
forum_crawler  +   2766d ago
So it isn't about the gameplay then? Is it only about the graphics?
Condoleezza Rice  +   2767d ago
Can you imagine
Jacking Marios sweet ride?"It's a meee,Mar-MAMA MIA!"
Vip3r  +   2767d ago
Just like this video. Truely awesome. XD

Osirisox  +   2767d ago
That is just stupid.
Gamedaily just lost the small amount of respect i had for them.
Pornlord  +   2767d ago
I'm not a wii fan, I find them very short lived entertainment, and GTAIV belongs no where near it. It sticking to what it's good at and it should stay that way.... He was right about needing better games though. I didn't agree with this opinion based article as a whole though.
gabeh1018  +   2767d ago
what horrible reasoning,

first of all: companies like Rock* are not going to waste time and money developing a game that wouldn't even be able to run on a system in the first place.

the Wii is great for what it is, but it really is a novelty, with recycled games that were made 15 years ago. Wow motion control, sorry, but that is not innovative or new.

I would rather play games that push the boundaries and limits of what gaming has to offer. GTA IV seems like the next step in where games are going.
damnwrx  +   2767d ago
Sorry but,
Gaimedaily is Wiitarded...
PoSTedUP  +   2767d ago
hahah your poosie system cant have gta, thats your fault fro choosing mario over gta. should of went with ps3 baby, becides mario and all the other good games i use to like arent the same any more, id ratheter buy a game cube again. wii= family fun, not hard core game like gta, your mother would not approve.
Marty8370  +   2767d ago
Wii lol..............
Wii has'nt got the hardware to pull off GTA IV.
iAmPS3  +   2767d ago
Wii can't barely render Nico by itself.

But the Wii can get a port of the GTA III though so they won't feel left out.
Kleptic  +   2767d ago
it sort of does...they would just have to call it GTAIII...har har har
Odiah  +   2767d ago
Wow, Marty thanks
I actually did not realise that =|

Oh well, back to Smash Brothers.
Surfman  +   2767d ago
wow gamedaily is no more a good game website after this story, well anyway they never been good.
Slayer OP  +   2767d ago
Are you nuts?!
GTA would be crap on wii! We wouldnt have the graphics, the phyics engine or the M rating! Its amazing who they will hire to write blogs.
desolationstorm  +   2767d ago
The physics engine you speak of isnt all that great. Graphics are great due to the sheer scale of the game and as for your last statement well can you even buy M rated games?
Slayer OP  +   2767d ago
Yes as a matter of fact thats how ill be getting gta tomorrow. Try to downplay the game if you like but it CANT be done on the wii like it can be done on ps3 and 360.
desolationstorm  +   2767d ago
Not sure where I was trying downplay the game at all. I was saying that the physics in the game are not that great. Its a great game and if it were to be done on the wii it would have a scaled back engine closer to gta sa for xbox. Would that make the game any worse? Not really GTA has been about the gameplay thats what has kept people coming back from the series. That wasnt the point I was just pointing out some of your comments were lacking. I wouldnt care if GTA came out for the wii Id rather see R* make soemthing new using the wii to the potential I bet they could.

Case and point you want GTA buy a 360 or PS3 enough said.
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Skerj  +   2767d ago
I think the concept of a joke is lost upon many.
heyheyhey  +   2767d ago
me too

everyone gets their panties in a bunch and proclaims Gamedaily as an evil b!tch

iceice123  +   2767d ago
"Rockstar is a powerful force in the video game business, but Nintendo could crush it with a single digital pinky."

10 years ago sure, but now Nintendo isn't so hot. GTA wouldn't even sell on that platform, little girls and old people would rather cook virtual food and pretend to exercise.
BrotherNick  +   2766d ago
Obviously you don't look at numbers. Nintendo owns Rockstar.
Gazman  +   2767d ago
Shooting mario in the face now that would be fun
jackr39  +   2767d ago
heyheyhey  +   2767d ago
because of the superior graphics and online experience (i.e the excellent friend code system) you can acheive with the superior Wii entertainment console
kingme71  +   2767d ago
They could do something interesting with hookers and wiimotes.
heyheyhey  +   2767d ago

although it is an interesting way to teach the young'uns about the wonders of sex
fenderputty  +   2767d ago
Unless they can attach the controller to ones groin, I don't really see anyone learning too much.
kingme71  +   2766d ago
Well, they do vibrate don't they :) Ok, this thread might be going South in a hurry.
Robearboy  +   2767d ago
If this game ever gets released for the wii then i think i might gave up gaming for the rest of this gen, the xbox 360/ps3 needs these type of games to keep on pushing the boundries and limits so games and gamers move forward, competition means improvements which in turn means better games, where as the wii is last gen with a fancy controller, metaphorically speaking the 360/ps3 are the jessica alba's of the world where as the wii is that bird from ugly betty but with a tit job and abit of botox
forum_crawler  +   2766d ago
Pushing the limits and boundaries?
The 360 and PS3 have GPUs on par with nVidia's 7000 series cards, so unless you really mean PC, I don't think any boundaries are being pushed here... sorry.
bigcheda  +   2767d ago
i feel stupid now after reading this articel....wow
kydrice  +   2767d ago
I've had enough of Mario i hope theres a mission where Niko breaks into Mario's house and breaks his teeth. ENOUGH WITH THE MARIO SPIN-OFFS NINTENDO!! Just because you're attaching Mario to everything doesn't make it original!!
BeaArthur  +   2767d ago
This is easily one of the worst articles I have seen and I didn't even read it, the synopsis told me all I needed to know. I would only want Mario in GTA if I had the option of killing Luigi and watching Mario cry over his lifeless body. Now a GTA style Nintendo game that is all Nintendo characters, that could be interesting.
gosmokeashotgun101  +   2767d ago
it wouldn't be possible
The city probably wouldn't be able to fit on the disc. Trying to jusitfy not playing gta online is dumb as hell. You guys must be retarded, I love to play co op games with my bros. The mulyplayer is one of the main reasons iam getting gta. The story mode will get boreing sometime just wait. The wii... what a joke nintendo probably wouldn't allow rockstar to even make the game with all the adult content it has.
TruthbeTold  +   2767d ago
Listen, I'm not saying that this game should be on the Wii, because there's no way enough effort would be put into it for Wii owners to not feel shafted. However, if this game was made also for the Wii the city could actually be bigger and the game could have more content. Remember, the 360 and PS3 games are the same size, and the entire game fits onto a 360 disk, which is the same size as the Wii's. Considering that there would be less polygons per frame, less textures, and less resolution, the truth is that this game could have been made much bigger on the Wii. It of course just couldn't look as good. Which truthfully speaking though it could look good enough as in better than any GTA before 4. Face it, there are two reasons that this game isn't on Wii:

1. The Developers wanted to go with HD.

2. At this point, it's impossible to know if the game would sell well enough on the Wii to justify the cost and effort of its creation.

It has nothing to do with the Wii being able to handle it. Everything would have just been configured for the Wii's specs and we'd have a game that's marginally better looking than the PS2 GTA's.
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BrotherNick  +   2766d ago
I can understand that the market is not really for nintendo, but your statement that it's impossible is purely baseless, and you just lose bubbles for stupidity.
forum_crawler  +   2766d ago
I think everyone agrees that the wii can do GTA up to before 4; yet people keep calling the idea dumb because it wouldn't look as good. I wonder if that means that their current versions of the game are crap too since they aren't as good as GTA4?
power091999  +   2767d ago
Is this supposed to be funny, or serious?
"1) Because we don't care about online play

Online gaming is a cesspool for racists, pedophiles and other scumbags that don't deserve our company. Not to mention, Microsoft can't even get Xbox Live to work for more than a month, so there's no reason to play GTA IV online. Enough with the lag and the morons. We're all about the single player campaign."

So let me get this straight. You don't want online connectivity because of these reasons...... but you want GTA4.... really?

There is just so many things wrong with even the first reason. I stopped reading there.
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BeaArthur  +   2767d ago
Excellent point. They want GTA but they don't want online which can at times be worse than any GTA title. And I am sorry but in your average game multiplayer is what makes the game worth $60 (or $50 in Nintendo's case), GTA is the exception because of it's strong campaign.
ikiru3385  +   2767d ago
please tell me this is a joke article.
Xiru  +   2767d ago
So glad to see my fellow gamers having the same view as I do about the Wii. A game like this should never be on the Wii. It is a technological masterpiece and as stated in some of the other comments, it pushes the boundaries of true gaming. The Wii is great for casual and party games but should never be compared to the greatness of the PS3/360. Wii owners knew what they were getting when they bought the Wii. Also, I don't know of many real gamers that own just a Wii. They usually own a 360/Wii or PS3/Wii. This is another reason it should not be made for Wii, because most people can get it on the PS3/360.

The article came off as a joke when I first started reading it. But if it is serious, then Gamedaily has issues...
Xiru  +   2767d ago
Three disagrees and no one stating why? Was anything in my post really false? At least tell me why you think the Wii deservers GTA 4, because I really would like to know.
ItsDubC  +   2767d ago
Maybe you got disagrees for the ridiculous and excessive worship of the PS3/360 to the point of being in direct violation of the 2nd commandment.
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ChickeyCantor  +   2767d ago
" . It is a technological masterpiece and as stated in some of the other comments, it pushes the boundaries of true gaming. "

Actually it doesnt, GTA is done on the Xbox and PS2.
The free roaming aspect isnt that special, its been done before.
the only improvement i have seen is how characters react, and the visual update.
And you can argue that im wrong but i played the game and its nothing but a GTA SA 2.0
BrotherNick  +   2766d ago
Greatness is relative...your technological greatness, or the Nintendo's financial earnings, both are to be commended. I don't think the wii should have gta just based that the people who want this game aren't going to buy one with lesser graphics.
forum_crawler  +   2766d ago
ha ha
"It is a technological masterpiece and as stated in some of the other comments, it pushes the boundaries of true gaming"

That was so funny, I should give you bubbles for it. Clearly because other people believe, it must be true...
PS360WII  +   2767d ago
Well the Wii is more for casual games so I could see GTA on it.
thor  +   2767d ago
LMAO at the number of morons who don't realise this is a joke. "Friend codes protect us from evil" ROFL.
The Lazy One  +   2767d ago
the replies are funnier than the article tbh...
Durffen  +   2767d ago
I can barely tell if this article is serious or completely sarcastic. It makes some good points though. I do wish GTA would come to Wii, but it will likely never.
funkysolo  +   2767d ago
GTA4 doesn't belong on the wii,,,gta3 does
How can they expect the wii to handle gta4....The only gta that the wii can run is gta3...
ChickeyCantor  +   2767d ago
Get your head out of your @ss.
Do you even understand how gamedevelopement and Gamedesign work?
You come with an idea, turn it intoo a concept, AND THEN you pick a platform.

If they port this to the Wii, they will have to tweak allot.
who said its going to be a 1:1 port?
get freaking real you idiot.

and this goes to all the idiots who go : WII CANT HANDLE THIS GAME.
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