Gamedaily: Why GTA IV Belongs on Wii

Gamedaily writes: "Xbox 360 and PS3 players don't get it. Here's why Rockstar's crime opus belongs on Nintendo's console:

1) Because we don't care about online play

Online gaming is a cesspool for racists, pedophiles and other scumbags that don't deserve our company. Not to mention, Microsoft can't even get Xbox Live to work for more than a month, so there's no reason to play GTA IV online. Enough with the lag and the morons. We're all about the single player campaign.

2) Because Mario will somehow work his way into Liberty City

Rockstar is a powerful force in the video game business, but Nintendo could crush it with a single digital pinky. Not even the GTA peeps could withstand the repeated demands to include Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach as unlockable characters, and the thought of cruising the streets as everyone's favorite plumber has us absolutely tickled."

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Harry1903435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

Because Wii need better games damnit

Defending the Wii's catalog of quality video games is like trying to defend a murderer when the prosecution has his DNA, multiple eyewitnesses, video, the suspect's diary and a jury comprised of his victims' relatives. Mario Kart looks OK, but we played it 10 years ago on Nintendo 64. Nintendo needs to stop giving us recycled oldies and help get Rockstar to deliver one mega AAA experience.

ItsDubC3435d ago

Interesting. I don't remember MK64 having online play, worldwide leader boards, bikes, tricks, GCN tracks, Wii Wheel support, 480p, etc.

Obviously I'm being facetious, but it's become so cliché to ignore the new features in Nintendo games for the sake of calling them rehashes but at the same time get hyped over the next FPS, the 13th Final Fantasy, the 134618th Street Fighter, the 9th GTA, etc.

Double standards = bad

ScottEFresh3435d ago

Nintendo officially LOST the hardcore gamer.

TruthbeTold3435d ago

Seriously. This very story is about Grand Theft Auto 4. Number 4 in the series. Fanboys are ridiculous hypocrites sometimes.

"Why do you want to play a 3rd incarnation of Smash Bros, 5th of Mario Kart, 10th of Zelda, or 12th of Mario? I'm waiting on Final Fantasy 13, MGS4, GT5, GTA4, etc."

It's beyond laughable. If it's been said once, it's been said a thousand times. If you personally don't like something, or are tired of it then move on and be happy wherever you will be happy. But don't hate, and don't be a hypocrite.

VaeVictus3435d ago

that the other consoles have excellent 3rd party support. Nintendo has...Mario, Zelda, Metroid etc etc etc. Sure, those titles aren't terrible, but at some point something else would be nice. Nintendo's 3rd party titles = teh fail. Sure they have a rehash of RE4, but come on, that's no basis for arguing to the contrary.

BrotherNick3435d ago

I don't think nintendo cares that they lost you, they're making more money on the other side of the fence.

gaffyh3435d ago

If somebody believes what this guy has written, that person is a turd. The Wii is not good enough in terms of hardware, sure GTA4 could go to wii but it would look crap, and I don't think many people would buy it.

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Vip3r3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

Just when you though gamedaily couldn't get any worse, they just did.

MURKERR3435d ago

and jerking the sixaxis controller to reload is surprisingly good but controlling the helicopter with sixaxis is amazing

finally the sixaxis has been put to good use

Monchichi0253435d ago

This is by far one of the DUMBEST stories ever to come across N4G! And that's saying a lot cuz everyday we see some dumb articles submitted.

yesah3435d ago

alot of that stuff was complete BS

its like he couldn't find any valid points, so hes spewing up crap that makes absolutely no sense, this guy is a moron.

Stubacca3435d ago

Come on, it's a stupid article. It's obviously just designed for people to read it and get all emotional. The wii is a sickness that has engulfed the world but will die shortly.



I think the author meant this article to be more of a comedic rather than a real interpretation of his thought, all in all, I think he just trying to be funny and sarcastic.

BobDog3434d ago

of course hes trying to be funny, i thought it was,

but these little girls and boys cannot comprehend sarcasm

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TheExecutive3435d ago

lol @ the Wii. I have one and dont get me wrong, they are fun with groups of people, but GTA4 doesnt belong anywhere near the Wii. Its like apples and oranges.

BeaArthur3435d ago

Exactly, it's fun to play with my girlfriend but it could not handle a game like GTA 4.

EZCheez3435d ago

Not GTA4. In fact if they tried to release GTA4 on the Wii, it would probably look just like GTA3 graphics wise.

forum_crawler3435d ago

So it isn't about the gameplay then? Is it only about the graphics?

Condoleezza Rice3435d ago

Jacking Marios sweet ride?"It's a meee,Mar-MAMA MIA!"

Vip3r3435d ago

Just like this video. Truely awesome. XD

Osirisox3435d ago

Gamedaily just lost the small amount of respect i had for them.