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Xbox One Doesn't Feel Next-Gen Without Kinect 2.0

CCC Says: "The Xbox One was recently released, and I swear I’m trying to hate the pack-in Kinect as much as I’m supposed to in order to keep my gamer cred intact. I really am trying, but I just can’t seem to hate it all that much. Yes, it’s adding an extra 100 dollars onto the cost of the system, and maybe it’s not deemed absolutely necessary to the functionality of the system. Still, I can’t help but see it as a proper part of the console, even if it is a physically separate device." (Xbox One)

malokevi  +   432d ago
Agree completely. I unhooked my Kinect to play my XB1 on a different TV yesterday, and it just felt empty. I have been converted. Voice controls are a key part of my next gen experience.

It's basically exactly like MS said it would be. You don't know what you're missing until you get some time with it. I'll never go back. Something about needing to navigate with buttons feels so clumsy.
DeadManIV  +   432d ago
Ps4 also has voice commands, my PC has voice commands. Kinect is not necessary, and it probably adds about $150 on to the cost of the xbone
mcstorm  +   432d ago
I agree they do have voice commands but it is different on the Xbox one to ps4. I would love to see a review of voice commands between the one and ps4 as I'm sure the ps4s version is only basic.
dmeador  +   432d ago
Use it for a day and you will feel differently. malokevi echos my thoughts exactly, I thought I'd like it, didn't think I'd love it
malokevi  +   432d ago
Nice bro.
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   432d ago
Hell my DirectTv has voice controls lol!!
mcstorm  +   432d ago
I agree. Once you know the commands and volume level everything can be it works like a dream and really adds to the experience. I do hope Microsoft hurrys up and lets the uk know what TV services it will support though as my sky contract runs out soon and if they support BT then I'm moving over to them.
sonic989  +   432d ago
it doesnt feel safe to say the truth
microsoft's privacy track record is well not that good at all
but as you know you can always unplug it or dont do anything stupid in front of it
Belking  +   432d ago
That's funny. Xb1 doesn't feel next gen without their cam and Ps4 doesn't feel next gen with theirs....lol

"PS4 doesn't need a camera to feel next gen. Its power alone makes it next gen. It doesn't need any gimmicks."

Ps4 may not need them but they sure do have them....lol I'm still owner ding why those controllers have that shrilly light on them.
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   432d ago
PS4 doesn't need a camera to feel next gen. Its power alone makes it next gen. It doesn't need any gimmicks.
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christocolus  +   432d ago
With the kinect you get the full experience..ms has been saying this from the start...mine is always plugged in and its been pretty amazing.
Godmars290  +   432d ago
That's because the console was designed around Kinect. If MS hadn't first made it required there wouldn't be such negativity surrounding it, but overall it wouldn't have changed anything.
PsylentKiller  +   432d ago
I love the kinect. It's one of the main reasons why I bought the xb1. However, I assumed I could use it for chat instead of a headset but it doesn't seem to be working. I have 3 xb1's and none of them work as a mic even though the setting is checked off.
KingDadXVI  +   432d ago
It might be a software bug because you are supposed to be able to. Can anyone confirm if theirs works.
PsylentKiller  +   432d ago
Nevermind. I only tested it with ghosts. It doesn't show the mic on ghosts but it works with BF4. Although I do have to speak rather loudly for it to pick up my voice.
VENOMACR1227  +   432d ago
I played Forza other day and the other guy I was racing was using his kinect. I could hear him fine through my headset. I think there is an option in settings.
KingDadXVI  +   432d ago
That's good. I can't use my Xbox One yet as it is a Christmas present for my kids so I am relying on what I hear from everyone about it to keep me sane until then. Can't wait.

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