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Submitted by jasona1980 811d ago | opinion piece

Xbox One - The Dashboard Is Currently Absolute Rubbish

ThisisXbox: "The mighty virtually sword-wielding behemoth of a console, Xbox One, launched worldwide on November 22nd shifting well over One-Million-Units in a space of just 24 short hours. That is quite an impressive number given the Xbox 360 for its own launch weekend (2 day) sales was at seventy thousand in the US! Whilst no 'official' review of the Xbox One hardware is or will feature on as we are concentrating on the review batch of launch games for the unit - it is felt that something should be said the Xbox One's current dashboard state and the important features it lacks that make it feel like a step down from the Xbox 360 UI." (Xbox LIVE, Xbox One)

DK_Kithuni_71   811d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
Goku781  +   811d ago
It's windows 8
Manic2014  +   811d ago
Layout is similar to windows 8 but the user interface different.
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Blackdeath_663  +   811d ago
the layout is a problem. trust me on this you get bored of the black background and the coloured tiles VERY VERY quick and it just becomes a tiresome affair. to be fair on windows when you can change the background to your own wallpaper it isn't as bad but the way it is on windows phone OS is really dull. i don't even think you can have the background in white instead of black on the XBone. hopefully that gets fixed. the lay out is the least of its problems though all the points mentioned in the article are signs of an inherently flawed design
Manic2014  +   811d ago

I agree that the layout is not that great, but knowing MS they will change it every now and then like they did with the 360. I'm guessing by the end of 2014 the Layout and the UI will have some changes which will make a difference in the appearance. Thats one of the features i enjoyed in the 360; it never had a final layout appearance after the launch.
4Sh0w  +   810d ago
Ha that's not my experience, the dash is great pretty streamlined and works well. I think what micro has done so far is amazing, seems this site is from some spoil gamer who wants everything from the start. The 360 evolved and got better and better, X1 does a lot of great functionality from the start but of course some even more awesome features will come too. Great UI, myself and the whole family spent the first few hrs just messing around with it, and everyone still likes the switching between apps, tv, and games alot.
jasona1980  +   810d ago
Yeah very true. It's more like a widescreen WP8
n4rc  +   811d ago
Wah wah wah... You guys still bitching about that console you don't have?

Lol... Its slick as hell and im loving it... I hope behind all the hate you guys are enjoying your choice half as much as i am..
Angeljuice  +   811d ago
The article is from "Thisisxbox", I suppose it must be run by Sony fanboys then /s.
jasona1980  +   811d ago
Yeah ThisisXbox aren't obliged to like absolutely everything haha. The dash feels incomplete, I'm not trashing the console as I love it... but I don't like the UI at all. It's limited.
Whitefire  +   811d ago
Because it is missing a bunch of feature that should be a given for a next gen system. Like sending voice messages, checking battery life, finding recent players, and sending game invites from the OS. It's laughable and it shows what direction the Xbox brand was being pushed.
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MasterCornholio  +   811d ago
Look at the site. They probably have an XBOX One already. The only one whose whining is you.
Blackdeath_663  +   811d ago
if you are enjoying it then more power to you, doesn't mean its free from any flaws just because you enjoy it. also what reason do they have to hate on a console they named their entire site after???
n4rc  +   811d ago
I'm talking about the comments.. Not the article..

I never said it was perfect.. I have my own list of changes I'd like to see.. but thr people that dont own one need to give it a rest..
Fz6soldier  +   810d ago
Pointless debating n4rc, he defends MS as if he worked for them.
NarcolepZZZZZZ  +   811d ago
I really don't see the point in trolling anymore. Half the sit in that is untrue or he doesn't understand then. The reason he can't see how much storage he's used is because the Xbox handles that Shit automatically and/or uses the cloud. Avatars are stupid and I always hated them.
SniperControl  +   811d ago
Not having a go, but here is a scenario for you.
You have a non-interchange 500Gb HDD, you have had your X1 for over year now and you have loads of games installed on the HDD, that new FPS is out and you want to download it to your HDD, but it's a 50gb install you want to make sure that you have enough space on there before spending £50 on a game, but you can't as there is no way to check how much space is free, which means you can't delete other stuff on there as you don't know how much of that stuff you need to delete.

Knowing how much space is free is important, I am always moving and deleting stuff around on my PS3 and Vita to make room for new stuff.

Edit: Almost forgot to say, 500gb is actually 470gb and the OS 's will probably reserve 40-50gb for itself.
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nategrigs  +   811d ago
Its not gonna take them a year to realize this is a problem and fix it.........right?
HurstDarkStar  +   810d ago
I actually didnt know you couldnt look at how much free space you have left in the x1...holy craappp (if you don't understand why that's a big deal then good luck).
NarcolepZZZZZZ  +   810d ago
I totally get it I just don't see why it's a big deal. It monitors your available space and tells you when you're getting low on memory. If you want to uninstall a game then you simply uninstall it. Tada. Problem solved. Nearly everything else, like your game saves are stored in the cloud so I ask again, where is the problem here?
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SniperControl  +   810d ago

But how do you know which game to uninstall?
Do you delete a 20gb game or a 50gb game??

You could potentially only have 30gb spare on the HDD, it makes sense to delete an old 20gb game in order to install the new 50gb game.

Also i doubt the X1 will tell you, that you are running low on HDD space at 30GB.
n4rc  +   811d ago
They've already addressed that

External hard drives will be used rather then replaceable internal.. its being worked on... And memory mangement will be added then..

Theyve already stated it wasnt a concern because nobody is using 500gb and there is no need for it..yet
SilentGuard  +   811d ago
How could MS leave out some basic feaures for the dash of the XBone the 360 has had for years now. Did anyone on the development team behind the XBone spend time using the 360 or were they just winging it?
Whitefire  +   811d ago
The Xbox One wasn't made by gamers.

EDIT: This has been known for a while the people who made the original Xbox and 360 are no longer on the job and it has been given over to the entertainment division. Correct me if I am wrong but that is why it is missing so many features at launch.
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BattleTorn  +   811d ago
This the most legitimate complaint of the X1 UI.

Where is the storage management?
Manic2014  +   811d ago
The OS has great features but overall there are small tidbits which are missing from the system. Hopefully that patch for the small features comes in sooner than later.
Blaze929  +   811d ago
Lmao avatars? I can't take this article as serious from that.
Whitefire  +   811d ago
Okay, just disregard all of his other complains, and the ones others have then. Just because you don't like his perfectly valid complaint.
garos82  +   810d ago
Now that is an immature comment!

How can memory management NOT be a required feature.
Unless it's your daddy who is managing the system and letting you play. Smh
KillerPwned  +   811d ago
Pretty much a mock of Windows 8 that is one thing that turns me off from this console. But after so long I will probably get one just for some exclusives.

Does the X1 have BC for Xbox 360 games?
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jackanderson1985  +   811d ago
no it doesn't... penello has said that they're going to wait and see how Gaikai is (probably not in as many words or as directly) and then consider it for the xbox
SirBradders  +   811d ago
No it doesn't and neither does the ps4 but eventually sony said they will implement a cloud service for streaming ps3 games and ms said something similiar but then said it would be difficult so make your own assumption.

Also ms said they will be supporting pc gaming in the near future so hopefully the do because i prefer all my multis on the pc.
KillerPwned  +   810d ago
Pretty much a big maybe on both ends I knew about Sony and don't really care as I keep all my consoles.

I hope MS keeps to their word that they support PC gaming. I would love to see some X1 games on my Titanfall.
user366359   811d ago | Spam
ZombieStalker  +   811d ago
Agree the the XBO is inefficient and bloated. If you could remove (unpin) a lot of the worthless tiles, it would be much better. Voice recognition is hit or miss as we'll.

I sure hope a revamp in in XBO's future. Jumping into a game makes the pain go away! Lol
SniperControl  +   810d ago
Problem is, MS have spent a ton of money on getting Metro uniform across there devices, PC, Surface and mobile. Can't see them dropping the metro look for along time yet.

As for unpinning, wouldn't it be great if you could unpin the adverts..... Sorry "recommendations".

My cousin refuses to use his kindest on the X1, it is a right pain to navigate the UI using the controller. Not very user friendly for people who don't want to use kindest.
PockyKing  +   811d ago
I just want voice messaging back, surprised me last night when I went to send a message and there wasn't an option. Party system needs a rehaul, like, making it more like the 360's party system because the one right now is completely broken and storage management options. Other than that, the box takes some learning time, but the more I've used it the more things I've learned. I went from 0 interest in Kinect to using it all the time now. The voice commands are awesome, especially when watching a video online etc.

I can say Xbox, Pause and if the video isn't in full screen say Show Full Screen Video. It's simple, and I like it.
christocolus  +   811d ago
Well everyones got their opinions..I'm loving the experience and using kinect is fun..have no issues with the DB at all. I think its pretty intuitive.
dalehitchy  +   810d ago
i havnt got a xbox one but i went on my friends today. He swtiched back to his 360 and between the two, i prefered the 360. Infact i think the 360 ui was great.

It has a metro interface but its sorted properly which is what i preffered

they could have tweaked that interface and i feel it would have been better. i dont like the black background on the one.
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Ninja_G_Aidan  +   810d ago
Good! The console sucks!!!
Cherchez La Ghost  +   810d ago
I just want my mp3's to play again. It feels odd playing a racing game without them. I cannot access my home server or laptops and tablets on the PS4 or X1. SMDH.....

I pray Sony & MS roll out a update for this.
sovietsoldier  +   810d ago
personally i still like the xbox360 dash board from launch.
BLAKHOODe  +   810d ago
I like the UI. It's a step up from the Xbox 360's, which I hated. Xbox One's is simple, a lot easier to navigate and it's easier to find the things I want to find.
Discod99  +   810d ago
So what does that make PS4's UI? A burning bag of dog shit? The UI is great.
Belking  +   810d ago
Yep, pretty much. If you wanna compare ps4 dashboard to anything it would have to be the xbox360. It can't compete with the xb1 dash. It totally destroys sonys attempt.
GarrusVakarian  +   810d ago
People really care this much about a user interface? Wow. As long as i can get to where i want to be as fast as possible and as simple as possible i couldn't care less about aesthetics. Minimalistic is just how i like it. I don't like the UI for the X1, its cluttered, looks too similar to windows 8 and had ads everywhere.
#18.1.2 (Edited 810d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report
NatureOfLogic  +   810d ago
I like PS4 ui better. Xbox One ui is just messy and very unorganized imo. And without voice it's impossible to navigate. Xbox One ui just seems rushed and out of place. I hope they fix it in the future. Right now most seem to agree that Xbox One ui is a pos, and I agree.
mhunterjr  +   810d ago
Actually, I love the UI. It's really easy to use with Kinect. I just don't like the fact that certain features are missing...
gnothe1  +   810d ago
my honest opinion...the dashboard is JUSK OK...I don't like how the party system works...I feel that they over complicated small things...hopefully in the future things change..i think the way the 360 was set up with invites an party chat was perfect..this xbox one..NOT SO MUCH...
Edward75  +   810d ago
It has a learning curve to get use to it. Once you spend time with it, learn the phrases... It really starts to shine. There is no way that once you start learning the phrases, play around with the whole UI, and start using the features you would want to go back. It's growing on me in a great way. On, and give it time... It will only get better.
EmptySkyForm  +   810d ago
This is why I prefer Playstation's UI. It was simple so we can customize them. Look at the cool dynamic themes we had. On the xbox 360 you could hardly put a background picture, and there is little to no room for for BGs on the Xbone. Simplicity that gets the job done is best.
kingPoS  +   810d ago
Windows & the UI on the Xbox One... Those two do seem to resemble each other rather strongly. Did forget to mention that i'm not a particular fan of how MS's latest OS looks & operates.

Go figure!!

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