Fighter Within (Xbox One) Review – An Uppercut with a Fistful of Suck | COG

Brawling against your friends and the AI never felt so bad.

"The last time I played a motion based fighter game on the Kinect was a little over a year ago when I flailed away to Ubisoft’s Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth for the Xbox 360 Kinect. At the time, I was disappointed in the game and suggested to people that it was best to simply avoid it all together. Just over a year later Ubisoft has pumped out yet another motion based fighting game just in time for the launch of the Xbox One. Just when I thought it could not get any worse than Marvel Avengers, it has. In fact, it is considerably worse. Fighter Within is not only a game you should avoid this holiday season but it’s a game the Xbox One Kinect naysayers will likely use as a platform to say: “OMG this is why you should have abandoned the Kinect Microsoft!”

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AngelicIceDiamond1637d ago

They need to stop with Kinect games.

MightyNoX1637d ago

*bites lower lip* Dat Kynnect~

kB01637d ago

I dont think they need to stop, I just think they need to invest in more creativeness and dedication. They are playing it safe, and using very little resources on kinect games because they already invested so much in the tech, thinking they could even out.

I could see kinect being fun, look at ghost recon where u could actually modify the guns Iron man 3 style:D

There is potential but not when ur playing it safe:P

chrissx1637d ago

Such horrible scores I never seen a 20/100 b4 only on xbone. this kinect 2.0 is nothing more than a gimmick

LGM3131637d ago

I think diskinect should stay.

Edsword1637d ago

They sacrificed gpu space for esram so that kinect would run faster. Looks like it's paying off.

XboxFun1637d ago

They should have bundled this game in for free with the Xbox One. If anything it should be some kind of party game.

Utalkin2me1637d ago

A party game means fun, this is far from a party game.

XboxFun1637d ago

Lol, it could have been one of those mini games buried between some fun other party games.

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