GameSpot Staff Next-Gen Console Choices

GS - "We sit down with a number of GameSpot staff members to investigate which next-gen console they purchased and their reasoning behind the decision."

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FlameHawk1641d ago

"it's a $100 cheaper, and Kinect is stupid", this is reasoning for most general consumers.

ThanatosDMC1641d ago

My main reaction was, "That was a woman?!"

Btw, the guy leaning back with his feet up is their biggest Xbox fanboy.

Manic20141641d ago

Well i'm getting both and already got the Wii U, Xb1 and a Great Gaming PC; now just waiting four more days for the PS4. Xb1 primarily for the exclusive lineup i saw at E3 which persuaded me (Also a Halo fan) and the PS4 due to the upcoming exclusives and Indie content and primarily because i am a huge naughty dog fan.

DJLIVENYC1641d ago

I Have My X1 But Im Also Getting A PS4 Cause Im A GAMER & I Have To Have It All

Baltar1641d ago

coz you are a gamer with money*

Edsword1641d ago

See no reason to buy XB1 with multiplats and exclusives better on PS4. I won't miss Halo. Titanfall is just not a system seller to me.

DeadManIV1641d ago

I am sick to death of all fps

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The story is too old to be commented.