Xbox One Consoles Smoking

Angie Santiago reports from SpawnFirst: "Two users on the Xbox Support forum have reported that their Xbox One had an amber light on the power brick and, when they plugged it into a different outlet, the console began smoking from the top. Sending the console back to Microsoft will get you a replacement console. One user said that the amber light appeared and, when they reset the power supply, the console made a buzzing sound and then began to smoke."

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theBAWSE943d ago

rrof .. red ring of fire

genuinely hope they get it sorted..

Xsilver943d ago

I see the Xone is a HOT Topic it's :D I'm here all week.

GrizzliS1987943d ago

so...leaving the console by itself until it finishes updating or installing a game is risking your house on fire.


Eonjay943d ago TrollingShow
G20WLY943d ago

Smoke now?! Jeez, will it ever end? :/

Xsilver943d ago

damn this is crazy I'm guessing next week it explodes :/

gta2800943d ago

Damn, so one minute you could leave your house while your Xbox downloads and the next you return to a house made of ashes? That sucks!

amiga-man943d ago TrollingShow
Nekroo91943d ago OffTopicShow
AlexanderNevermind943d ago (Edited 943d ago )

Wow I was not expecting that... Hopefully its only a few systems. Don't want anyone to get hurt. In the meantime why pass up a good joke op:

Xbox one....Flame On.....Baddum Bum

nukeitall943d ago

I call BS just like these reports:

Point being, show us some pictures of the smoking Xbox One, or I call it fangirl agenda!

ThunderSpark943d ago

XBox One: 4x better with the power of the Smoke Cloud!

AgitatedOcelot943d ago

Xbone theme song...

Ring of Fire, by Johnny Cash.

fardan85943d ago

If those guys listened carefully they would have heard the following:
Smoke wins, Fatality! /s.

I feel sad for them, I hope MS will respond to them and sort it out.

Kayant943d ago


"I call BS just like these reports"

Did you bother to look at the source of this first? Did you see that it's from the official Xbox forums by a member with a very high gamerscore suggesting is a long time Xbox fan. No because you're too hang up in a bubble thinking XB1 has zero issues.

Shadow Flare943d ago

I bet even the smoke is 720p

HammockGames943d ago (Edited 943d ago )

Smoke 'em if you got One?

Or maybe BYOC? (bring your own cloud)

XB1_PS4943d ago

I'm done with this site.

ajax17943d ago

@XB1_PS4 -- Ok, goodbye!

SolidStoner943d ago


the smoke is real time 4K resolution!

if it happens, Dont say "sh*t" or "di*k" or you will still be banned when receive your replacement model!!

user5575708943d ago

this was a problem with the original xbox. i remember getting a letter in the mail about it...really sad to see its still and issue 12 years later

Pintheshadows943d ago

@nukeitall. Same thing happened with some PS4 reviews on Amazon. They were copy and pasted as well. I take things like this with a grain of salt right now. Hardware also has faults at launch. You take the risk (which is very very small).

CoolBeansRus943d ago (Edited 943d ago )

Really? This website? no pictures or videos? Word of mouth? Why did this even get approved?

It takes two seconds for someone to take a video and upload it, but we are going off of no proof here, this article is bogus.
If you go to the link provided you can see this guy has been going around trolling, there is a picture of it.

badz149943d ago (Edited 943d ago )


"Point being, show us some pictures of the smoking Xbox One, or I call it fangirl agenda!"

That is a single dumbest comment EVER! Your console is pouring out smoke. So the 1st thing you do is? Take a picture??

(Insert genius meme here)

ThanatosDMC943d ago

^Why I hate the current bubble system.

mgeezy313943d ago


You won the internet! Leave us alone! lol

Xer0_SiN943d ago

its called xbox one or IED for short.

TheAwesomessMan943d ago

The Xbox One wasn't smoking it was downloading his own personal cloud comes with a sub to Xbox live gold membership

jebabcock943d ago

We are seeing alot of WMDs this launch. Weapons of Mass Disfunction... JK!

Truthfully we have seen alot of crap articles like this for both consoles. It is starting to get old. 2 failed launch consoles is not a story. 200k failed launch consoles can be a story.. Never 2 or even 3...

indysurfn943d ago

@Shadow Flare "I bet even the smoke is 720p "
You owe me one drink! I spit mine out laughing forget ROFL I SMOL!!! Its holiday season so, cider please.

shivvy24942d ago

console smoking ? power of teh cloud !

G20WLY942d ago

Is there any update on this situation yet?

OMG it's over a thousand degrees*!

*The article, not my XBone. Maybe both IDK..?

bakasora942d ago

It's funny the rumor bar reads "hopefully" lol

7uff1942d ago

There are so many haters that they bubble down Nekroo91's comment because he made a joke mentioning Wii U, this community is full of retards(nothing new), we see PS4 and X1 related comments on Wii U news all the time and nobody gives a shit, the same goes for PS4 comments on X1 posts, or X1 comments on PS4 posts.

Kidmyst942d ago

With the fun error messages Xbone has, I wonder if Xbox would flash - Error: Play something else, I need a smoke break.

insomnium2942d ago

'You know things burn'-Peter Moore

DAS692942d ago

Did you guys not see the system specs??? That's just the smoke machine they added for extra immersion.... O_o

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pyramidshead943d ago

I honestly hope to god this is a joke article and this isn't true, because....holy...

G20WLY943d ago (Edited 943d ago )

I do too, this isn't funny anymore, it's dangerous. Hopefully these are the only two such incidents.

Then again, as they say; there's no smoke without XBone...wait, dammit, I got that wrong :/

Or did I...? ;^P

frostypants943d ago (Edited 943d ago )

I'd chalk it up to outlet issues in the homes in question. Power supplies can smoke if they are plugged into the wrong voltage outlet. I know because I did it once when I was overseas.

Why o why943d ago (Edited 943d ago )

I agree...some things are just bigger than 'our factions' friends and family on the 'other side' who may actually own the xb1... lets hope this isn't true.. I don't mind a bit of banter and ms have given me months of material but this is something different imo.

Despite what I've just typed I couldn't keep a straight face after reading lannisters comment below..Some funny s#;+

iiwii943d ago

Well, I got a PS4 but for the sake of those who did buy XB One, I hope if it is true, it's a small issue. Nothing worse than seeing your $$ go up in smoke (not being funny).

frostypants942d ago (Edited 942d ago )

Wow...10 disagrees? OK guys,'s smoking because MS IZ TEH FAIL GO SONY YAY! I'm a PS4 guy, but god this site is full of basement dwelling fanboy jackasses.

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solidt12943d ago

That sounds like a hot and a ground wire was touching somewhere. not good. hope this is a isolated incident.

dedicatedtogamers943d ago

Sounds like an isolated incident, just like with the PS4 problems. It is curious to see, however, that there are a wider variety of *types* of failures reported for the Xbox One so far. *THAT* may be something to keep a watch on.

TheTwelve943d ago

Woodpecker sounding disc drive, green screen of death, smoking consoles...

Dude the X1 is like 3 days old...

dcj0524943d ago (Edited 943d ago )

Yeah. The PS4 has the RLOD the BLOD and HDMI pin problems whilethe X1 has Smoking, disc drive problems, not responding to controllers, random turn offs and green screen.

Prime157943d ago

At the store I work at, no ps4s came back, no ones either. However, two controllers for the one came back.

iiwii943d ago

To be fair, I'm pretty sure the HDMI pin problem was some idiot trying to force a cable in incorrectly. But still...

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GribbleGrunger943d ago

Now THIS needs to be taken seriously. What if they hadn't noticed and it caught light?

gta2800943d ago

I think the next batch of Xboxes are gonna start coming with a fire extinguisher.

Shadow Flare943d ago

And then the fire extinguisher gets rrod as well


i still have a microsoft force feedback steering wheel that was discontinued cause some caught fire. way to go microsoft.

Blachek943d ago

I expect to see more and more "horrific" reports of system failure for both consoles, as users of each look to discredit and one up each other.

Prediction, tomorrow an XB1 Fanboy will take a photograph of their sleeping dog and post it with the caption 'PS4 Reportedly Killing Pets'... which will be followed the day after by a PS4 Fanboy videotaping themselves Fapping in the living room claiming their Kinect uploaded it without them knowing.

The future is bright friends.

GrimbleGromble943d ago

Well I fell into a burning ring of fire!

a411411943d ago

LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Red Ring Of Fire

GT67943d ago


now thats a new one haaaaa

GT67943d ago (Edited 943d ago )

Ohio players should be X1 theme song: FIIII-RE DUDAUM-DUDADUM fiiii-re DUDADUM-DUDADUM FIIIIRE!!

Sarcasm943d ago

What do people expect when it uses a cheap $10 cpu cooler

Croc-A-Doodle-Doo943d ago

Looks at smoke above Xbox One, "Ooh, is that the cloud everyone has been going on about?"... "hmmm, the cloud smells kinda bad... uh oh, that's no cloud, that's FIRE!!!"

Ashunderfire86943d ago (Edited 943d ago )

I fall in the red ring of fire. And it burn burn burn from the power brick. Then I call Microsoft and tell them that they are pricks... For the red of fire, the red of fire.

mikeslemonade943d ago

haha "I bet even the smoke is 720p" That's clever.

GuyThatPlaysGames943d ago

Told everyone that the XboxOne was all smoke and mirrors but they wouldn't listen.

DarkHeroZX943d ago

Microsoft: kill the infidels!!!!!!

UltimateMaster943d ago

rrof red reign of fire.
They played Crimson Dragon for too long. XD