Might Gears Of War Go Multiplatform?

Angie Santiago reports from SpawnFirst: "Considering Mass Effect, Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising: Off The Record went multiplatform, there’s a big chance that PlayStation owners might get to experience Gears of War as well. The fact that Epic declined to comment when asked directly from Microsoft is something of a hint. This isn’t concrete proof that it will go multiplatform, but it definitely makes that glimmer of hope shine just a little brighter."

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khyu77771454d ago

it's possible since epic owns IP

BX811454d ago

I wish the title was, might gears of war take 2 years off?

abzdine1454d ago

VGAs incoming and as always bombs will drop!

static52451454d ago

With MS putting their money into other exclusives and timed exclusives they might pass on renewing the GoW exclusive seeing how Judgment was kinda the worse one.

Maybe with it coming to PS4 they will renew a storyline? New characters and war? or point of view of the war.

TrueJerseyDevil1454d ago

But Microsoft owns the Gears of War name

CGI-Quality1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

No they don't. Epic owns the IP. Microsoft only published the 360 titles and those publishing rights expired or will expire (depending on the game). They can renew those, if they see fit, but it's 100% Epic's IP.

Never mind that it also says so directly in the article. :P

Drekken1454d ago

Super Mario's mustache is owned by SEGA.

See I can make things up too.

TrueJerseyDevil1454d ago

@ CGI-Quality
I didn't read the article lol and I was told it was owned by Microsoft. Thanks for clearing that up

Persistantthug1454d ago

Well, technically,
Isn't Gears already 'multiplatform'? (PC)

Mr Marvel1454d ago

I thought only the first one made it to PC.

TrueJerseyDevil1454d ago

the only one that came to PC was Gears 2? or am i wrong i'm not sure

Evilsnuggle1454d ago

Epic owns grears of war . The Only way that would should be a xbox exclusive is if they get a deal like titianfall . That makes them money if not they should be a new game for both PS4 and xboned. That would bring some attention to the series and add new fans from PS platform

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Transporter471454d ago

It will happen with a new cog team etc.

Kayant1454d ago

That will make me happy has a massive Gears head but I don't know if I trust them after the mess up that is judgement. Still happy about this news :)

BluRaven771454d ago

I don't know if Judgement was a mess. I actually enjoyed the game. It's not the original Gears but it's not bad either.

Kayant1454d ago

I bit strong worded :p but SP was not bad. MP was very mixed. Weapon balancing was well done but I don't like how the shotgun works personally & the verticalness with the dropdowns & whatnot.

I love Gears 3 and still play it to death even though lag is a big problem for me & the damn OP retro lancer. Those are probably the worst things I feel about the MP for Gears 3.

classic191454d ago

first gears was the best, i played gears 1&3 so i skipped the second one, i went in got a ps3 after rrod.

ELCUCO1454d ago

I need this to happen.

Hellsvacancy1454d ago

Same as, I'd rather they made a new ip, like The Samaritan

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