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inFAMOUS Second Son: New Absolutely Stunning Screens

New screens for inFAMOUS Second Son for PS4. (inFamous: Second Son, PS4)

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DeletedAcc  +   589d ago | Helpful
Simply B E A U T I F U L
Lukas_Japonicus  +   589d ago
I can't view them....i click the link and some random foreign website comes up...damn.

Any chance someone could link the pics to me? There's a bubble in it for you :)

Edit: Thanks a lot mate, helpful bubs. WOW...that last screenshot....mind blown.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   589d ago
That Cinematic open world look is on point.
Lord Anubis  +   589d ago
click aces direct a votre site
Ezz2013  +   589d ago
i ....i...i wan....i want it...NOW
*tears of joy*
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ABizzel1  +   589d ago
Dat Skully
ZodTheRipper  +   589d ago
Colour me excited yet again, can't wait!
bu3ouf91  +   589d ago
Click at that random language link which means skip the ads.
TrollCraftTales  +   589d ago
All you have to do is press the link at the top that says "Acces direct a votre site" which is French for basically skip the ads...
mrbojingles  +   589d ago
Some random foreign site couldn't possibly be the actual source of the photos?
Rumor  +   588d ago
that beanie looks better than real life
FamilyGuy  +   588d ago
I shouldn't be so surprised that a company named "Sucker Punch" would be so good at catching people off guard.

These are just GORGEOUS!

I can't wait to get this game, those visuals matched with super powered open world game play.
Match made in gaming heaven.
SniperControl  +   589d ago | Well said
Simply stunning!! This coming from a PC gamer with a top end rig. Just shows what can be done with optimized code.

Just think, this game is only 6 months into the life of PS4, imagine the graphics in 3-4 years from now.
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theXtReMe1  +   589d ago
I appreciate your comment. It's very rare for a PC gamer to admit when a console game looks phenomenal.

Notice the ray tracing on the streets from the neon lighting. Killzone also uses real-time ray tracing. I cannot believe in this day and age we are seeing ray tracing make its way into games. Totally amazing that technology has come this far from the bleeps and bloops we had just 20 years ago.
deadie  +   589d ago

Yes thanks for being honest about it. Its rare to see PC players actually acknowledge games on other formats. I - as an old PC gamer - feel happy seeing this post and i hope you'll have a great gaming year. :)
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Why o why  +   589d ago
Definitely a rare but pleasing site. ...
3-4-5  +   589d ago
best looking next gen screens I've seen
Pain  +   589d ago
Son of a monkey's uncle..
Xer0_SiN  +   589d ago
aw yeah! stunning is the word!
LocutusEstBorg  +   588d ago
DarkLordMalik  +   589d ago
Neon looks so good :o
Destrania  +   589d ago
waltyftm  +   589d ago
Very nice indeed.
CaEsAr-  +   589d ago
Just found this image and thought I'd share it..


ALSO, looking forward to playing this stunning game!
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Ezz2013  +   589d ago
it gonna be very scary when we see SSM,ND games on ps4

i'm not ready for this
Beastforlifenoob  +   589d ago
Hmmm. Back to the old comparison are we not? The difference over time for launch and end games will be far,far,less:

1. The PS4 uses x86 architecture which has been the default for PC's for a few years, therfore developers are highly used to it rather than they were to the cell processor in the ps3 or the PowerPC for the 360. The powerPC and cell required YEARS just to learn it, to simply learn it but the thing is we have already learned and exploited x86 architecture very far.

2. Diminishing returns, the difference between 5,000 and 20,000 polygons IS HUGELY NOTICEABLE, (4x), but from 20,000 to 80,000 its only a slight improvement http://i.imgur.com/aFKEttJ....

3. Development price, if graphics become so outstandingly realistic they will cost the developers far, far more to produce.

If you ask me this gen we WILL get closer to photorealistic but we will still be far,far away. Im guessing the first photorealistic game will be produced around the early 20's (i.e. 2020-2025)
Ingram  +   589d ago
No, they upgraded the compute commands the GPU can handle to 64 from 8 so the CPU can offload tasks to it (kinda like the ps3 where the cell was used to alleviate the GPU, but the opposite paradigm), developers are barely tapping into that as of yet.

It's going to take less time to get to know PS4, but there will be the same potential for improvement if not much more over time. This isn't even its final form.

About diminishing returns, if we indeed have reached a point where mesh geometries and polygonal count aren't so relevant anymore, it also means more resources will be allocated in other systems, like lighting. This is already happening.
Back-to-Back  +   589d ago
You are really setting the bar low.
Rzep  +   589d ago
Small compressed screens...yes very impressive.
Pixel_Enemy  +   589d ago
Even these small compressed screens are impressive! - fixed.
Rzep  +   589d ago
Don't think you get how small and compressed affects the image quality. Judging a game by these screens would be like judging a game by watching a Youtube video in 480p.

That would be like saying omg game X has no jaggies whatsoever based on a low quality video.

I'd rather wait for proper screens before I start going ooh aaah.
I_am_Batman  +   589d ago
"Don't think you get how small and compressed affects the image quality. Judging a game by these screens would be like judging a game by watching a Youtube video in 480p."

Exaggeration much? Those screens are 720p. Also a 480p Youtube video looks much worse than a 480p screenshot.
Toon_Link  +   589d ago
Look at the images linked by sack boy 305 at the top of the page nothing small or compressed about them and they look down right amazing! This game is definitely on my must buy list.
king_george  +   589d ago
We have seen enough of this game to realize it is beautiful. Who cares if these screens are compressed when we've seen other screens and actual in-game graphics and gameplay? The game is jaw droppingly gorgeous
Croc-A-Doodle-Doo  +   589d ago
Did you click on the image to enlarge it?
NeoTribe  +   589d ago
Looks as good as all the bigger screens and vids we have seen. Whats the prob?
FamilyGuy  +   588d ago
Dude, click the images and they get bigger. they're 1280 x 720

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I can't wait 4 dis game I'm goin 2 play it til my knuckles bleed!
JBaby343  +   589d ago
You should try it with your fingers :)
king_george  +   589d ago
CocoWolfie  +   589d ago
I cant wait, I can just see myself being so immersed, its so beautiful and looks just.. great! ^-^
Felonycarclub8  +   589d ago
That looks so sick
Lord Anubis  +   589d ago
it looks like sony studios are sharing code again. It kind of looks like the lighting from killzone and that is not a bad thing.
Sloth-Eater  +   589d ago
Makes dr3 look dated.
Destrania  +   589d ago
Other games already show that ;-)
mshh4  +   589d ago
Ps3 first party exclusives like the last of us already show that
uncharted56  +   589d ago
Dead Rising 3 is a fun game. I think next dead rising game will look a lot better then dr3 considering they had to rush the game out for launch. And I wonder how Watch Dogs will look like when it releases next year.
Rainstorm81  +   588d ago
I wonder if DR4 will be multiplat like DR2
mshh4  +   589d ago
Best open world graphics of all time simply stunning.
I_am_Batman  +   589d ago
That's what impresses me the most. That it's one of the best looking games despite being open world. Those neon powers look absolutely amazing. Kinda makes me want to have a bullet-time function just to see it in slow-motion.

Needless to say that the gameplay will also be top notch. Infamous was one of my favorite series this gen. Glad they decided to continue the series on the PS4.
MidnytRain  +   589d ago
I don't think so. GTAIV mods are pretty amazing. And then there are the Skyrim mods...
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Kennytaur  +   589d ago
Apples and oranges.
MidnytRain  +   589d ago

How? What he said isn't true, lol.
mkis007  +   589d ago
Those do not push anywhere near the particle effects this is pushing.
MidnytRain  +   588d ago

Eh, if you want particle effects then you should check out some Physx supported games like Planetside 2.I'd say it has SS beat. Pretty cool actually, check it out if you haven't already:

KingKelloggTheWH  +   588d ago
Cant really count mods as they arent really part of the game,ya know?
MidnytRain  +   588d ago

Why not? They're free, you download them, and bam, they're part of the game.
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strigoi814  +   589d ago
jaw dropping..for men
panty dropping for women
kwiksilver99  +   589d ago
neon is the new black.
GamersHeaven  +   589d ago
prettyboy12  +   589d ago
cant wait
TheXD305  +   589d ago
It doesn't even look close to Ryse
Burrito26a  +   589d ago
You would do good to read this. Doubt it will have an impact though. http://n4g.com/news/1401148...
Dark_king  +   589d ago
apples to oranges comparison there bub.

OT:Game is looking like its gonna be a blast.
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I_am_Batman  +   589d ago
Why do you hate your bubbles so much?
pody  +   589d ago
And why would it?
GamersHeaven  +   589d ago
Your right Second Son is in a league of its own.
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uncharted56  +   589d ago
Thats cuz it looks miles better :P
Lol im trolling but it does look better and its open world game
mshh4  +   589d ago
Killzone shadow fall destroy ryse everyone know that also infamous second son has way better graphics than ryse
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MasterCornholio  +   589d ago
Im sure its meta will be higher than Ryses. I mean it cant be hard to top a game with a 61 in metacritic.
Ohai  +   589d ago
Ryse looks good close around your character. And that's where it stops. It's basically a tech demo.
SoulSercher620  +   589d ago
You're right. It surpasses it by a lot LMAO!
isarai  +   589d ago
WOW man! they really upped their game on atmosphere this time around. i mean the last two were great and all, but the atmosphere in these shots just FEEL like a city, reminds me of when i used to walk through the bright night streets of chicago :)
iiwii  +   589d ago
Yeah, if you missed the "smoke and mirrors" video with the devs at SP, I recommend a quick watch. Shows how committed they are to making this game stunning and fun:

IRetrouk  +   588d ago
Cool video man, bubs.
ELFANKOOSH55555  +   589d ago
The power of Neon,ftw
cbuc1125  +   589d ago
What is the power of Neon anyway? Is it like The X-Men's Jubilee? She was not very impressive.
isarai  +   589d ago
neon is actually a gas that can displace oxygen essentially suffocating people and glows under small electrical charge. but for the sake of fun the game seems to take it more as a theme rather than the actual properties of neon. so far there's things like super speed, lasers, bombs, etc
FamilyGuy  +   588d ago
Jubilees power was fireworks, not neon. WTF lol
The name Jubilee wasn't a big enough hint for you?
Lukas_Japonicus  +   589d ago
Man, that is one realistic looking beanie hat.
strickers  +   589d ago
First proper next gen game. Stunning game.
OsirisBlack  +   589d ago
Good lord the attention to detail in the lighting and the hat is beyond impressive.
Relientk77  +   589d ago
Wow those screens look epic
Kennytaur  +   589d ago
Naughty who? Hehe. This continues to be the most impressive new-gen title so far.
turgore  +   589d ago
This is next gen. If in this game you have to choose between NEON and SMOKE, I am definetely choosing neon.
mkis007  +   588d ago
I think those are just 2 of the announced powers... Guessing you will have to make choices on which powers to absorb from other conduits and this will factor into the karma system.
IRetrouk  +   588d ago
Im taking everyones....... ;-)
saber00005  +   589d ago
*Insert petting owl*


Looks amazing. Can't wait!
TomahawkX  +   589d ago
I hope they show off the city itself, I hope it's as lively as GTAV.
DarthSocio  +   589d ago
Just WOW
cell989  +   589d ago
damn those colors.. that lighting
jacksjus  +   589d ago
Damn! Knowing how good the first two were it would be nice this time to have some great visuals to go along with the gameplay. This will be a system seller for sure.
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