Forget Xbox One and PS4 - the smart choice for Xmas is Wii U

CVG - "Finally, some new consoles! So maybe you'll think it's ungrateful to suggest it's the worst time to buy them. I believe it's merely logical though: Right now the Xbox One and PS4 are hosting the fewest games, all at their highest price (some digital downloads are, indefensibly, sold for £63 ), while the non-game services are threadbare for now."

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DK_Kithuni_711639d ago

Nintendo Wii U? Haha..!!!

Nothing is going to stop me from getting a PlayStation 4!

Neonridr1639d ago

no harm in having a Wii U as well. I own one and I am planning on purchasing a PS4 as well.

Great exclusives from both of these companies.

DK_Kithuni_711639d ago

I agree. The Nintendo Wii U is a great little machine but claiming "the smart choice for Xmas is Wii U" is a joke.

Cannot wait to get my hands on a PlayStation 4. I'm in Europe so have to wait a few more days. Greatness awaits and of course it's a Sony.

Neonridr1639d ago

I agree, the title is a little bit of a stretch there. There definitely is some amazing games to play. I guess the only unfortunate thing about the PS4 is that there is nothing else new to play until like February/March of 2014 (aside from new indie titles that may release between now and then). But there's always a little bit of a drought after a console launch since all those titles were rushing to make the launch date. Leaves a bit of a gap afterwards..

UltimateMaster1639d ago

The GPU on the Wii U is surprisingly powerful.
The Xbox One GPU is 50% more than the Wii U and the PS4 is 50% more powerful than the Xbox One and more than twice the Wii U.
Yes, I do know how to count. Stack it up.

dedicatedtogamers1639d ago

I'm probably getting a Wii-U at tax time. I want to play the sequel to Xenoblade Chronicles. It will also be nice to have a backlog of great Nintendo games to play (2 sidescrolling Mario platformers, one 3D Mario, one Mario Kart, one Donkey Kong, and plenty of other titles)

abzdine1639d ago

i am going for Wii U and PS4 this gen! but priority to PS4 and when i have played and finished all PS3 games i haven't even started i will buy a Wii U no doubt!

Xsilver1639d ago

"Forget Xbox One and PS4 - the smart choice for Xmas is Wii U" hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Nah Im good.

Eonjay1639d ago

I have noticed that I really still enjoy Nintendo games, but I'm not willing to give up my mature titles either. If the Wii U drops to $199 I will buy it. Until then its gonna be me, my PS4 and next gen Nathan Drake...

@UltimateMaster its going to depend on what sources you are using for your numbers. I was under the impression that the Wii U could push 300-350 GFlops a second. Xbox One is 1.3 TFlops and PS4 is 1.84TFps (or an Xbox One plus nearly two Wii U's combined).

ABizzel11639d ago


Agreed 2014 will be a great year for both PS4 and Wii U. And potentially XBO if they announce more games.

stragomccloud1639d ago

Except it would still be the "smart" choice, since it's the most bang for your buck at the moment. Doesn't necessarily make it the best choice, but it does make it the "smart" choice.

s8anicslayer1639d ago

Real gamers need all games to satisfy our need!

nukeitall1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Actually the smart choice is a Xbox 360 or PS3 with it's most likely discounted price this holiday and a library with so much quality games nobody can match.

That said, Nintendo is finally releasing some quality titles for the Wii U and with Nintendo's franchises, there is denying there will be plenty of family fun to be had.

That said, I can enjoy my Xbox 360 piped through my Xbox One for all the next generation features if needed. Win-win!

Ritsujun1639d ago

You mean the Wii duUum?

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gpturbo811639d ago

im sure severed hands would stop you right quick

triforce791639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

WiiU has the most powerful gpgpu end of with its edram section it's obvious in raw graphics wiiu with tons of full HD games running at 60fps already and lots of even more impressive games to come in raw performance WiiU is winning hands down.....

WiiU cpu is very powerful it is currently running project CARS at 720p native with 99% of the high end pc assets,moonlith said the cpu is powerful,nano assault was running on 1 core,it's clear the cores in wiiu especially the main one are extremely powerful in comparison to ps4 or xbox1 get over it,look how fast wiiu browser is compared to ps4 ect and its a dual screened look wiiu so far has shown more power in every department.....

DarkHeroZX1639d ago


Yeah everyone who read your bs just became a little more retarded...

DeadManIV1639d ago

I want a wii u and a ps4

admiralvic1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

"I agree. The Nintendo Wii U is a great little machine but claiming "the smart choice for Xmas is Wii U" is a joke. "

Out of the three, the Wii U makes the most sense in the short term. Right now, you're comparing* Dead Rising 3 / Ryse / Killer Instinct vs Killzone / Knack / Resogun vs Super Mario 3D World / The Wonderful 101 / Pikmin 3 / New Super Mario Bros. U / Luigi U / Monster Hunter 3. Out of the three systems, we have Titanfall to look for XB1 side, inFAMOUS PS4 side and Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze / Mario Kart 8 / Super Smash Bros. U. So out of the three systems, it makes the most sense to stick with Nintnedo until next year when we will start seeing more titles. Not saying I think it matters, since the smart choice is whatever one you want, but I am saying that right now the Wii U has the best unique offerings.

* I am not counting games that will appeal to few people or niche online games. Resogun only got listed because it's free with plus and reviewed very highly.

s45gr321639d ago

I disagree Nintendo needs new ips badly, it needs to market it's system badly. As for games that is subjective, me personally I will either recommend the 3DS due to more quality titles, true online gaming, cheap system and games over the wii u or if not Valve Steam service lots of cheap mainstream games, plenty of phenomenal innovative indie titles and the ability to customize the hell out of your games.

Hicken1638d ago

Every game appeals to few people. There isn't a game out there that appeals to a majority of gamers, even casuals.

Rather than short-term, the Wii U makes the most sense now-term, but that doesn't make it the smart choice. The smart choice is pretty much always the best long-term investment. Of course, preference in gaming has to be taken into account, as well, but the Wii U isn't the best long-term choice, which makes it not the smart choice, but something more like the convenient choice.

kwandar1639d ago

@DK_Kithuani_71- "The Nintendo Wii U is a great little machine but claiming "the smart choice for Xmas is Wii U" is a joke"

No, I think it is pretty clear that the smart choice this Xmas is the Wii U (if you are choosing a new console).

There is no question that the games on the PS4 are sub-par, and the games on the Wii U are very good. Next Xmas may be a totally different story I'll grant you.

Persistantthug1639d ago

A Wii U with little 3rd party support for $300 I just cant consider to be a "smart choice".

Maybe when it gets to $99 - $150.

LOL_WUT1639d ago

This is why Nintendo should hire more talent so their studios aren't understaffed. And I agree little to no 3rd party support and delayed first party IP's won't sell a $300 console who has an identity crisis ;)

weekev151639d ago

Its got decent 3rd party support. COD, AC4, Batman, Watchdogs, Deus ex, Splinter Cell and now potentially the new tomb raider.

The only games its missing are EA titles and GTA.

seraphym881638d ago

You havent played a Wii U.

MsmackyM1639d ago

If the situation is looked at objectively then the Wii U would be the obvious choice this holiday season if you already have a ps3 or 360. The reason being, the Xbox One and PS4 just launched and most third party publishers are straddling the fence as far as generational support goes. With the Wii U just now getting it's stride it will be an exciting time to be a Wii U owner. However next holiday season it should be anyone's game as all three consoles will have their offerings to decide from.

Mystogan1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Best combo for me is Xbox One and Wii U. Xbox One is my main and Wii U for exclusives.

Sony exclusives never attracted me in the slightest. Not even the Last of Us. I don't know what it is but I just don't like them.

deafdani1639d ago

Good. Enjoy it.

You getting a PS4 won't make me enjoy my Wii U less.

Crazy, right???

GordonKnight1638d ago

Hope you pre-ordered. If not that will stop you for a little while.

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trickman8881639d ago

"the smart choice for xmas is wii u"


tubers1639d ago

A grown man in animal pajamas? Sounds trippy.

tigertron1639d ago

Nah I'm good with a PS4, thanks.