Trine 2 Dev Caught Surprised When Initial PS4 Build Itself Was Running at 1080p/60FPS

"The PS4 and Xbox One are now available for all and sundry to experience - unless you don't count that the PS4 has yet to launch in Europe. Just about every developer out there has a stake in the next-generation, including Frozenbyte who is releasing Trine 2: Complete Story for the PS4."

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Xsilver1613d ago

That Power can catch you off guard sometimes

cleft51613d ago

I love that most of the surprises from the ps4 are good ones.

MurDocINC1613d ago

I hope that includes 3D cause trine2 is so beautiful in 3D.

Eonjay1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

Game looks good and it launches on Friday! I think Tiny Brains launches on Friday as well.

jebabcock1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

Although There is no bluray 3d support yet. Vudu provides 3d content on ps4 and any other app/game can use it as well.

kingduqc1612d ago

dev being surprise it can do something games have been doing back in 2006 isn't really surprising. It should be expected.

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come_bom1613d ago

Yep, a lot of developers are praising the PS4's raw power. Kudos to Sony for making a powerful console. Getting mine next year when Infamous releases.

MightyNoX1613d ago

It's the console that keeps on giving.

Ezz20131613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

and they also praise how it easy to develop for

AilonTrusk1613d ago

This game is amazing in 3D.

Holeran1613d ago

It isn't 3-d on PS4 though right?

abstractel1613d ago

It is 1080p/60FPS 3D enabled.

WeAreLegion1613d ago

Yes, it is! I was so happy there was at least one 3D game at launch. :) I hope Resogun gets a 3D patch at some point. And WHY is ACIV not in 3D on next-gen consoles?!? That makes no sense.

PSVita1613d ago

Thought the ps4 didn't support 3D?

IRetrouk1612d ago

No 3d blu ray at launch, but will probably be an update for that, devs that want to do 3d games can. Just glad my tv has the 3d button to change any channel 3d

amnalehu1613d ago

Tried it in 3D this morning and it is splendid!

Silly gameAr1612d ago

The way Sony was pushing 3D last gen, I'm ALMOST sure that 3D will come to the PS4 eventually.

esemce1613d ago

Yes but is limited to 30fps in 3D.

amnalehu1612d ago

sure looked like it held 60fps to me.



To create the 3d effect it essentially shows 2 images slightly off set... So a 60fps game becomes a 30fps game when in 3D due to having to basically process it twice.

HardcoreDaBoss1612d ago

there is no way ps4 cant handle 1080 at 60fps in 3d for trine 2.. It has a custom radeon 7870 which is really good

Nerdmaster1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

Not necessarily. Just because a game runs at 60fps, it doesn't mean that it's the maximum it can achieve. Maybe it could be run at higher framerate, but it's capped at 60fps because that's what most displays can show. In fact, if a game was running at 60fps and it was using all the power it could, there would be terrible drops in framerate everytime something more demanding happened on screen.

That, and the fact that there are some optimizations in 3D to not render absolutely everything twice (for example, using 3D Vision on PC, the framerate almost never drops to half), makes it possible for 3D games to not have to drop to 30fps.

And Trine 2 isn't that demanding. Unless they made some graphical enhancements, if the initial build already achieved 1080p/60fps, it could very well run at 60fps in 3D with optimizations. Or they could drop the resolution to keep 60fps if necessary. The point is: just because a game is running in 3D, it doesn't mean it's 30fps.

OpenGL1612d ago

Unfortunately HDMI 1.4 does not support 1080p 3D at 60Hz, but is instead limited to 24Hz currently. If you want to play at 60Hz in 3D you're limited to 720p currently when using HDMI.

Sony and Microsoft were eager to release their consoles this holiday season, and as a result did not get the benefit of HDMI 2.0 which is expected to release soon and will support 4K at 60Hz as well as 1080p 3D at 60Hz.

In fairness to both of them, no TV on the market currently supports HDMI 2.0, and the number of potential PS4 and Xbox One owners that will own a HDMI 2.0 compliant TV in 2014 is probably extremely small, so waiting around for the feature would be pointless. Even if they did I wouldn't expect developers to really take advantage of the feature anyway since again, it would be a very limited number of users that would benefit from it.

Sevir1612d ago


It's very much running at 60fps in 3d.

Super Stardust HD Was 1080p 60fps on ps3, and when they updated the game with 3D support, to maintain the 3D at 60fps, they simply dual rendered the game at 720p at 120fps. Housemarque confirned this with Eurogamer as they were the ones who published the article on the performance breakdown of the new engine they used!

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Holeran1613d ago

Nice I read somewhere that they weren't going to make PS4 3-d enabled and was hoping that was wrong because I just purchased a 3-d tv last year.

LoTuZ1612d ago

I have it in 3D but says its only 1080p when I 0ull status on my tv.. What gives? Yes, my tv is 1080.

LoTuZ1612d ago

Blah I meant it says its only 720p

Skate-AK1612d ago

3D causes a performance hit. Developers have to either lower the resolution or framerate. The game probably runs 720p/30fps in 3D.

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MasterCornholio1613d ago

Im impressed with the quantity of games that are running in 1080P on the PS4.

P.S I just got my first PS4 game today yey. However i have to wait until friday to play AC4. :(

sigfredod1613d ago

I understand you ,went trough the same pain but when you turn on this beast on Friday ,will blow you away

DeadMansHand1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

When I first turned on ACBF and saw that lush jungle and great draw distance I was literally dumbfounded. That right there made dealing with day one stress worth it.

badboy7761613d ago

I gotta wait till tax time.