PlayStation 4 Wishlist for Patch 2.0: 21 Features Gamers Want

"Here are 21 support options, features, and interface improvements gamers want for the PlayStation 4."

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Xsilver1611d ago

We should link this to Yoshida

Eonjay1611d ago

He follows N4G... if the story breaks 250 he will know for sure. Trust me, he visits this site and even tweets links directly to our discussions.

Xsilver1611d ago

oh damn i didn't know well lets make this Story Hot.

tigertron1611d ago

This update needs to happen.

Shu, if you're reading this, get your team onto it!

Phoenix761611d ago

I wont be getting my PS4 till the end of Feb, but I do hope that some of the features listed will be made avalible when I do get it :)

ANIALATOR1361611d ago

make sure the MP3 support means custom soundtracks in the background. Good list

Good-Smurf1611d ago

Please add CD support as well as WAVE or any of the lossless format Sony.
I'm quite a poormans audiophile.

Orbilator1611d ago

Really! cd support ? What for? why use a ps4 as a cd player only, I buy all my music online, id prefer aac support or iTunes integration to

Good-Smurf1610d ago

Well I just happened to have a good ears and CD or Lossless formats like ALAC (ALE) FLAC or WAVE got a far superior audio quality.
So you got the same quality as you would get with CD.
MP3 is fine for most people but its quality is not high enough for serious music listeners.
Hell even CD is not high enough quality to some of the audiophile community these guys will go up to stuff like SACD,DVD-A or Vinyl LP
But at least CD support and Lossless Format support should be implement in future PS4 updates.
I'm pretty sure the new better more data/quality efficient Lossless Format is on the horizon.
It's never going to be popular but it never dies.

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The story is too old to be commented.