The Facial Animation Behind Ryse: Son of Rome

Ryse: Son of Rome has impressive facial animation, perhaps, one of the best one from current generation. As it turns out, the company who worked on it also worked on Halo 4 Spartan Ops and Battlefield 4, and as it stands, they have surpassed their own work.

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christocolus1607d ago

I sometimes go back to watch in game models.its that amazing..hope halo5 and quantum break are these good or atleast try to reach this level of realism..and i also hope there is a sequel to ryse planned.

GarrusVakarian1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

I never thought i would see the day when facial animation tech gets so realistic in videogames. When i saw LA Noire for the first time i was like.....this is the future but RYSE takes it to another level. I think ALL games should use this, not just Halo 5 and QB. You are able to connect to the characters more if they produce life-like facial animations, especially in scenes of loss or anger.

Lovable1607d ago


I bet it will be very very expensive as well.

1nsomniac1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )


I havnt played the game, but is it really better than LA Noire?? - I'm genuinely interested.

From what I've seen it looks no where near but like I said I havnt actually played the game only seen youtube videos & the like on the inernet.

The Gifs in his article don't help at all as both of them the character looks away from the camera so you cant see the facial animations which makes both of them totally pointless!

I do know tho that the amount of money they spent on facial animations for LA Noire were mind bending for a game & it was claimed it ended up being a technical exercise in the end & it would never be done again due to the sheer cost of it.

1nsomniac1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

I'd like to see a side by side comparison because in all fairness at least in youtube quality anyway, the facial animations although they're great in Ryse they still don't compare to LA Noire but I would expect that from the amount of money & the technology that was used for Noire.

CGI-Quality1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

I don't even feel like L.A. Noire was the best last gen got (Beyond: Tow Souls holds that crown for me). However, in regards to Ryse, the use of whatever facial tech they used is just stellar. Nice little teaser of the generation to come.

* imagines Uncharted and Quantic Dream's next title*

kB01607d ago

Ryse does have some great facials

Section81607d ago

I think you mean for the next gen so far.