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Say ‘Dick’ in an Xbox One Video or Skype, Get Suspended By MS?

Apparently someone made an Xbox One video using Upload Studio that contained the word “Dick” in it, and Microsoft suspended this user from the app for 24 hours. (Xbox One)

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TheEnigma313  +   270d ago
Wow really? They shouldn't be monitoring your conversations like that. Some people deserved to be called that. I hope this isn't true.
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kreate  +   270d ago
They did say they will monitor u. And the user bought, agreed, and used it in such a way so....

One can argue it's also the user's fault as much as Microsoft.
abzdine  +   270d ago | Funny
this is DICKtatorship!
Visiblemarc  +   270d ago | Well said
Are you serious? You a think terms of service waiver of 300 pages of indeceipherable lawyer-speak should allow them to eavesdrop on and censor a private Skype conversation?

If this is legitimately happening it should scare the hell out of each and every one of us. This is so close to the camera in the home of Winston from the book 1984 that it makes the hairs stand up on my neck.

Tell me this isn't true. This has to be false rumours and clickbait. I know the guy said it was text related re:Skype but that is still creepy as hell and would make me want to unplug Kinect immediately.
inveni0  +   270d ago | Well said
What if that's someone's name?
Hellsvacancy  +   270d ago | Funny
"Hay man I watched Dick Tracy last...................." SUSPENDED!!!
SilentNegotiator  +   270d ago
Anyone named Dick deserves to be exiled for such a potty-mouthed name. /s

MS wouldn't even let that guy from "Fort Gay" keep his real town name in his info. MS loves to suspend and punish via keyword detection.
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PLASTICA-MAN  +   270d ago
WHAT? What does that mean? Our Skype calls aren't private? So they are really watching us? What if I say it in other languages to my fellow mates(some deserve to be called so, at least in private calls)?

Oh Btw, I have a Skype friend whose real name is Dick, I didn't see him around these days... Does that mean...? WTF?

I think Kojima knew about this thing in advance , That's why he aborted the name of the Studio "Moby DICK" and went back to calling it Kojima Productions Western Division, otherwise he will get MGSV and his entire studio banned. /s

Btw, I remembered something, dick in german means fat/thick, so will they ban any fat german gamer or person who is following a diet?
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Ritsujun  +   270d ago
Xbone180'd, and Xbone720p'd.
solid_snake3656  +   270d ago
"Hey Dick hows it hanging bro?" BANNED!
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Albie360  +   270d ago
My name is Dick!!!
Shadow Flare  +   270d ago
This is ridickulous
tokugawa  +   270d ago
what a load of rubbish

i spent 45mins skyping my dad yesterday and must have used enough swear words to make a sailor blush..

guess what, i aint banned
andrewer  +   270d ago
"Dick Grayson is my favorite Robin" BANNED
dmeador  +   270d ago
People need to chill out a little, and stop looking for ways/news to jump on, haha. He did not get banned for a monitored Skype call, it was a video he uploaded to the public domain.
knockknockannefrank  +   270d ago
this is just ridiculous. anyone try pussy cat yet? probably get suspended for that too
CoolBeansRus  +   270d ago
Half the people that commented here didn't even read the article. MSFT did not ban him for saying dick.
tawak  +   270d ago
Vice pres. DICK cheney, is the 46th Vice President of........................ "Banned"
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Gaming101  +   269d ago
The X-bone hates dicks... insert joke here about the oversized X-bone being a fat lesbian who will cast vengeance on you for inserting a dick into your conversation... LOL
memots  +   269d ago
well that was a "dick" move.
mhunterjr  +   270d ago
It doesn't appear they were monitoring conversations, just moderating their Upload service... which is absolutely necessary considering folks can upload video footage of themselves.

It appears being banned from Upload also means being banned from Skype. He wasn't banned for his behavior on Skype.
mydyingparadiselost  +   270d ago
"This is my experience with Skype: “Was typing to my buddy on Skype, typed a few words of profanity talking about movies, and when I jumped back to Xbox One, it said I was banned from it for the same reason, citing “past behaviour”.”
Cueil  +   269d ago
that's probably the real reason... he was temp banned from anything that uploaded videos
JBSleek  +   270d ago
That wasn't monitoring. He uploaded using the Upload Studio and MS suspended him.

It's just like Google would handle YouTube or any other upload service.
Visiblemarc  +   270d ago
No, no it isn't. Youtube is moderated based on community feedback. Also, private exchanges are NEVER moderated on Youtube.
Shaaunyb  +   270d ago

So they don't monitor videos at all? They don't have something that detects the different skin shades to determine whether a video is suitable or not?
vallencer  +   270d ago
He uploaded the video with him saying the word. It's a little different when there uploaded to be seen by everyone versus Skype being between your friends and not uploaded. Just don't upload videos with you cussing it's as simple as that.
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Prime157  +   270d ago
I question the validity of this, but the average gamer is 32.. I don't mind hearing someone saying it. free speech. And should be able to upload.

There's a better way to moderate than this if it's true... example: give it a "mature rating" and allow parental controls to not allow the viewing.
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avengers1978  +   270d ago
And if your name is Dick?
torchic  +   270d ago
spare a though for Dick Dastardly, can't catch the pigeon and now forever exiled from Xbox One :(

some however might say that it's a blessing in disguise...
Cueil  +   269d ago
no one is named Dick... it's shortened name for Richard
Bobby Kotex  +   270d ago
No more talking about an American hero: Dick Cheney.
andyo13  +   270d ago
When XONE was first announced this is what all the media were talking about. The fact that it's monitoring you so closely it can sense your heart beat and had to be on 100% of the time and always connected.

Yet a lot of people seem to have forgotten this and they're buying it in droves. So people seem to have a very short memory.
H0RSE  +   270d ago
Seeing how both the upload software and the xbox services are both property of MS, monitoring doesn't sound as "1984" as some make it to be...

You are using their service, and thus them monitoring their service(s) doesn't really seem that out of the ordinary. When players opt to upload a vid to skydrive, I wouldn't be surprised if there was some form of monitoring, you know, to check for boobs, penises, or foul language. As for Skype, I have actually skyped with friends, with enough curse words flying around to empty a bar full of sailors, and no action was taken against us.

This isn't like Youtube - it is much more privatized. Virtually anyone can upload to youtube, yet only people with X1's can use the upload software and services included with it. The services MS has provided, isn't a soapbox for people to do and say whatever they want. It's like a private club with different rules. Whether or not their rules may be too strict or not, is an entirely different discussion.

That being said, There's a couple things:

1 - Is this a case of some Orwellian MS ploy over it's users? It is still just a rumor.

2 - If it is true, how far does this type of thing extend and what are the reasoning from MS? Many seem to think that MS would do these types of things, just because they're evil, and while that makes for a good movie plot, it doesn't really translate well to real life...

There has to be a reason would do these things, and one obvious reason would to assure others that their service(s) are "squeaky clean" and as non-offensive as possible, not only to make for a more enjoyable place for other users, but to essentially cover their asses from a legal standpoint.

3 - X1 owners agreed to the terms (which many likely didn't even read) so what's done is done.

Finally, the statement you made about the Kinect:

"The fact that it's monitoring you so closely it can sense your heart beat and had to be on 100% of the time and always connected."

Is false. It doesn't have to be connected or on 100% of the time. I have used the X1 without the Kinect plugged in.
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TAURUS-555  +   270d ago
now they monitor what ppl say...cmon...this is worse than the big brother.
solidt12  +   270d ago
What if your name is Dick?
1Victor  +   270d ago
so what should I call my friend Dick on XB1?
Ezz2013  +   270d ago
Tiechie  +   270d ago
Someone with a xbox one fancy testing this out?
solar  +   270d ago
When you play under a propriety systems you play by their rules.
Blachek  +   270d ago
The guy stated that he sent it in a message to one of his buddies, I imagine it isn't too hard to flag something as offensive...

Maybe he flagged it, or maybe Microsoft is running some code designed to clean up their online services... I am going to hold judgment on this issue until there are more instances of people being banned for their casual conversations amongst friends or it's confirmed that he sent a message that was flagged by another user.
Yodagamer  +   270d ago
So they're bad for making sure they have a clean environment? I don't know about you, but i wish it would have happened more on xbox 360 with the kids and annoying people.
n4rc  +   270d ago
Save your breath.. People don't want logic, they want to argue crap they already know the answer to..

Game uploads get sent to everyone.. You see them when you browse a game etc.. There has to be some control and moderation or you end up with the crap ps4/twitch just went through..

Your private conversations are not censored or moderated.. Only what you share with the public which includes little kids
3-4-5  +   270d ago

Motherlover thinks otherwise
FlyingFoxy  +   270d ago
Voice recognition has always been patchy at best, it could probably mistake Tick for Dick.. they are likely just opening themselves up to a lot of tech support issues with this.
lpc  +   269d ago
Meray lun pay charay Microsoft
lpc  +   269d ago
gigoran  +   269d ago
All the people critisizing microsoftcck and they always online drm camera monitoring BS don't look so biased now do they? They were in fact CORRECT! So... suck it xbone supporters!
Billybobjoey  +   270d ago
Hah. That's interesting. Microsoft trying to censor, there will probably be some way around it discovered at some point in time.
MasterCornholio  +   270d ago
Hey have you seen the new Dick Tracy movie?

-Microsoft bans user-

Xsilver  +   270d ago
what happens if the Kinect thinks you said Dick would you still get banned :/.
Gozer  +   270d ago
It doesn't work that way. You have to upload a video to Skydrive and post it on the internet before anyone would try to censor you.

@The Meerkat
Because using profanity isn't tolerated. Why did you say"Why the F should MS decide what I can and cant say" Funny you censored yourself for N4G using a text message, but you feel its ok to use profanity in voice and video on Live. I think you are a sony fanboy trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

And Im sure he would get suspended from Live had someone reported him for being inappropriate. This is a family service, not a drunken night club.
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The Meerkat  +   270d ago
What about words that begin with dick?

Like Dictator, Dictatorship (yes I'm talking about you MS)

edit Gozer: fair enough. I was expecting the power of the cloud to do the censoring. Still, why the F should MS decide what I can and can't say?
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Xsilver  +   270d ago
@Gozer wait hold on "he did something similar in Skype and was also suspended from that app, yet he as of this writing is still suspended" he got suspened from skype too.
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Fishy Fingers  +   270d ago
"Still, why the F should MS decide what I can and can't say?"

Because your using their service having agreed to their terms and conditions. Not condoning it, just explaining.
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Inception  +   270d ago
Hey, have you read the latest Batman? DICK Grayson got killed by the Joker!

-MS bans user-


a7xgemini  +   270d ago
I was thinking the same thing, what if I upload my buddy and I playing Dead Rising 3 where one of the characters you play as is named Dick... Will they ban their own game when Nick refers to Dick by his name? Dumb....
OlgerO  +   270d ago
What the hell, is this not from your Nexus 7 ?
MasterCornholio  +   270d ago
I still use my PC........
Hellsvacancy  +   270d ago
Oh no you beat me to it
torchic  +   270d ago
"duuuude Dick Dastardly & Muttley In Their Flying Machines was such a great cartoon!"

-Microsoft bans user-

Xsilver  +   270d ago
Really? in this day and age censorship is stupid it's called freedom of speech and people just Do what they want http://www.youtube.com/watc...
Kaneda  +   269d ago
You can create your own game console or app and say what you want to say. No one will stop you. That is freedom of speech.

But if you use another network. You have to agree to their rules. If you don't they terminate your service.
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hankmoody  +   270d ago
Kinda funny that they'd get upset about that but making videos like this is totally acceptable:

DEEBO  +   270d ago
Freedom give us a choice,passcodes and age verification rules.
OrangePowerz  +   270d ago
What if his friends name is Dick or he wants to watch Dick Tracy or Moby Dick? :-D
Visiblemarc  +   270d ago
That's what makes it extra creepy, it would indicate contextual analysis...meaning it could be also gathering marketing information from private conversations...oh wait that was one of the first Kinect 2 rumours and I believe it may be happening and it's creepy.

Also, who are they to censor my private conversations with their absurd morality that defines words as either good or bad? Yet the machine was basically built to run murder simulation discs. (Don't get me wrong, I love FPS/violent games, yet it seems hypocritical to say there's such a thing as "bad words" when your bread and butter is shotgun blasts to the head and chainsaw kills.)
JohnnyTower  +   270d ago
Real Dick move by m$.
CandyFace  +   270d ago
Better not talk about dirk from dragons lair then :3
but seriously... this is pretty absurd.
mydyingparadiselost  +   270d ago
Well, this officially makes MS worse than the government as far as spying goes.
Ketzicorn  +   270d ago
Hey Rick how was your day?

Consoldtobots  +   270d ago
only if you're a north korean dictator. : D
mercyless9  +   270d ago
So use d1ck or dik what ever lol
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Bhuahahaha  +   270d ago
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KingDadXVI  +   270d ago
Well at least he was not showing his dick on Playroom. :)
Rivitur  +   270d ago
Those ppl should just use ustream instead of twitch...
Ko_Uraki  +   270d ago
And what about the character Dick Dastardly? I can't use it as Nickname :(
Phoenix76  +   270d ago
That, and Dick Turpin lmao
The Meerkat  +   270d ago
Holy boy wonder Batman!

But seriously, for a company that comes from a land where they defend their freedom of speech with fully automatic machine guns this is a bit strange.
ruefrak  +   270d ago
Sorry Richard, you have to go by "Rich" from now on.
Why does MS "ban" people all the time? It seems to be a big thing on the Xbox. I'm always seeing stories of users getting banned for this or that.
jackanderson1985  +   270d ago
you could get similar bans last gen if you were caught using profanity of any kind, not sure why it's news now
kingPoS  +   270d ago
This is setting a bad precedent! Remember SOPA, it's a good that didn't happen. At the same time if MS is allowed to continue doing this, it can only become worse.

Gateway MT6706 2008
Wikkid666  +   270d ago
They don't monitor conversations. They do monitor complaints. If there is recorded proof, well there is a good chance of getting features blocked.
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DarkEnergy  +   270d ago
I thought MS was not going to be monitoring skype? or am i just thinking the unthinkable?
BobBelcher  +   270d ago
He was probably one of those 'jerks' that they mentioned when they discussed the reputation system...
ELFANKOOSH55555  +   270d ago
What if someone says pussy cat?
AgitatedOcelot  +   270d ago
What's new pussy cat? Ba-a-a-ned.
Veneno  +   270d ago
It's not unusual to banned by anyone. You'll find it happens all the time.
WMANUW  +   270d ago
WTF?monitoring my conversations?is it true?
FrigidDARKNESS  +   270d ago
If this is true than Microsoft has created a mess. Their are some people name Dickie and may use Dick for short. You cou could be sitting with a kid watching a cartoon or tv show and at the end this comes up and you may say this.
LordDhampire  +   270d ago
I doubt this is true, everyone trying to get out of bans these days, and if uploads a video with profanity then he should deal with it (not that dick is profanity)
gnothe1  +   270d ago
Didn't a guy just get busted for sexual acts with his girl on PlayStation twittch...stupof asses should get banned...
Advanxed  +   270d ago
This may or may not be true however, i have been suspended from game dvr service for 7 days. I did use profanity and included use of middle finger.
strigoi814  +   270d ago
dont invite your friend whos name is Dick
solid_snake3656  +   270d ago
XBone is a Dick free zone. Sorry no Dicks allowed . Well at least now we know which console Dick Cheney prefers.
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ylwzx3  +   270d ago
Well..There goes 90% of xbox live members.
TechOne  +   270d ago
*100% xbox live members
#30.1 (Edited 270d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ylwzx3  +   270d ago
lol! I was being generous ;)
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